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15 Jul 2016
Right-back Juanfran Moreno said that he was open to do anything in order to sign again for Deportivo. The Madrilenian conceded his first press conference after re-joining the club.

Juanfran Moreno conceded a press conference on Thursday. The right-back returns for the third time in a loan deal and explained the change in the conditions of his signing after it was reported he was going to be transferred, “The club needs to be attached to a salary cap and well, I was open to do anything in order to return. They offered me the chance to return in a new loan deal having a buyout option, which is very favorable to the club, I believe it can be fulfilled and it’s a good chance to finally be a player of Deportivo La Coruña. I’m signing a loan deal and later it’s a 3+1 deal with a condition of games played. It’s favorable to the club. Now it’s time to earn it on the field.”

“The contract with Watford had a special clause that was put by the English club, it was meaning that they had the chance to renew the deal until 2018 if they wanted, that was the key of the situation and the reason why we had to face it in this front. I am content. I knew this chance was possible in a summer that could have been long, but that finally wasn’t that long. The work done by Richard [Barral] and my agent was successful and allows me to be here. I’m content and willing to work and return the confidence.” He added.

He is content for the way the new first team is taking shape, “For me the important thing is that we have a base from last season, we are trying to have people belonging to the club or with favorable conditions. We are getting experienced people and lads trying to get a spot. I believe the base is good and what we need to do is to keep working.”

“I believe things will work out, we must rely in the sporting administration. We clinched the permanence in two straight years, with problems, but we did it. Now we must rely in the new coaching staff, surely they arrive willing to stay for a long time. In the end Coruña is a pretty city and anyone would love to work on here.” He added.

The Madrilenian player is aware that the team cannot repeat the mistakes of the past, “In the end you can get conclusions and positive things from the negative ending, starting with the idea that there are things that cannot be repeated. We must try to fix things, leaving aside what happened on last year. We must understand that the club is above everything and the impression of the club is more important. Last year we had a team that could have done better.”

Finally, Juanfran talked of the things he likes of Deportivo and the city of A Coruña, “I fell that A Coruña is almost like my second home. My couple and I had just engaged when we came here and adapted well to the city, now we will have a girl that will be Deportivista since the beginning and for us, away from Deportivo, the city is great. Later the club has been great with me. They made an effort to have me and I thank the confidence with work. I like to be involved, watch the basketball in the city, to watch Fabril playing as, when I was a lad, I liked to see the first team players coming and speaking to us, so I do it now. I am a player from the club. I found stability and hopefully I can retire on here.” 




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