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16 Jul 2016
Gaizka Garitano conceded a press conference on Friday. He talked of signings, exits and the calendar in liga. He confirmed that Luis and Bicho won’t be part of the first team in the new season.

Coach Gaizka Garitano talked to reporters on Friday’s evening. He revealed that Bicho and Luis are at the door out, while there isn’t any decision about the upcoming future of Borja Valle. The following is a summary of the main things that he said.

“These things happen. In the end you have to play against all the rivals and personally I don’t care against who we start. It was like this. I spent eleven years there and it is always special. The important thing is that we have three points there and it’s important to start winning. Eibar is a good team, they always start at the top and it’s going to be a difficult game.”

“You never know if it’s good or not to play against someone at the beginning or the end. It’s the same to me to play the first game at home or on the road. We will try to study the first rivals, but you have to play against all of them. In the end all the teams in the fight need to start adding, you saw what happened with Depor adding a lot at the beginning and too little later. A strong start is important for the confidence.”

“Next week we should have one new arrival, the next week another one. What we will try to do is to close to team before the kick-off. If it’s possible to only miss one player before the closure of the market. We already have the base, we’re only missing two or three players. You need time to complete the exits and arrivals, but we are fulfilling the deadlines.”

“The roster will depend on the exits and arrivals, it’s possible that before Monday there will be a new player, someone is close to sign, and it’s possible to have an exit. We will reveal the roster one day before. It depends on the next three days.”

“You need to be positive, we know the tour represents some little problems, but I’m optimistic. We will travel together and will live together, so we are going to know each other. We won’t sacrifice anything before reaching the first game in liga.”

“Some of the players know that we don’t count with them and are searching for a team, others are aware that it depends on what arrives and leaves, and especially for their performance. You arrive with a fixed idea, but it isn’t the same to see them each day. In the case of Luis and Bicho, they are aware that we aren’t counting with them and that they are searching for an exit. The case of Borja Valle is different, he is training with us and we will see what decision is made.”

“He’s training at the top. He transmits joy and it’s an example for the rest. He notices the love of the fans and hopefully will stay for several years.”

“He is in the same situation than the other players that don’t count. We will see if he makes the trip [to Uruguay]. It depends of the arrivals and exits.”





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