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18 Jul 2016
Garitano picked 23 players for the Uruguayan tour, tough there are problems in that country with the organisation. Luis, Bicho and Luisinho are not part of the roster.

The tour in Uruguay has turned to be a headache for Deportivo. The Copa Liga World tournament was announced as a competition with two derbies in semi-finals, one between Depor and Celta and the other between Nacional and Peñarol, later the winners will play the final and the losers the match for the third place.

However, in the past two weeks the Uruguayan clubs that take part of this tournament, Peñarol and Nacional, have menaced to not take part of the cup as no one has confirmed the security measures for the games. Both clubs are worried as in recent months there was violence at the stadiums, which included pitch invasions, and both clubs want to be sure that the government will guarantee the integrity of the players during the derby.

But the government responded that this is a private tournament and therefore the clubs themselves should be the one providing their own security. After receiving the notice both Peñarol and Nacional decided to not take part of the derby and therefore the Copa Liga World tournament was cancelled.

Still, Deportivo and RC Celta will make the trip to Uruguay as they are paid for it. The media in the South American country reported that in the end what will happen is that both Galician clubs will play against Nacional and Peñarol, so there won’t be a Galician derby and neither the Uruguayan derby.

Deportivo keep the plan for the trip, therefore the team will travel on Monday and returns on next Tuesday. The plan is to play two friendly games and complete six training sessions. In the meantime, coach Gaizka Garitano released the roster for the tour. The list is composed by 23 players, which includes the presence of new signing Guilherme, who will undergo the medicals early on Monday.

Luis, Luisinho and Bicho are the players that weren’t picked for the tour. The list includes the presence of Álvaro Queijeiro, Óscar García and Pol Calvet. The first hasn’t decided yet his future, while the other two are the only Fabril’s players picked for the tour.

Picked players for the games in Uruguay:
Goalkeepers: Lux, Rubén Martínez & Tytoń
Defenders: Laure, Juanfran, Albentosa, Sidnei, Arribas, Navarro & Saúl García
Midfielders: Álex Bergantiños, Çolak, Fajr, Borges, Mosquera, Pol Calvet, Queijeiro, Guilherme, Bruno Gama & Óscar García
Attackers: Borja Valle, Lucas Pérez & Oriol Riera.



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