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21 Jul 2016
Gaizka Garitano talked in Uruguay before the friendly game with RC Celta. The coach emphasized that this is only a preparation phase and that the main goal is to reach the debut in liga in the best possible way.

Coach Gaizka Garitano conceded a press conference in Uruguay as the Galician federation was presenting the game against RC Celta. He was talking about the good and bad things of this trip, “We arrive after a 26-hour trip and in this sense it isn’t positive, but we are content for been here. It’s a good chance to live with the players and play games. We are willing to do the right things.”

He also said that the derby with RC Celta is always attractive, but that the goal is the first game in liga, “It’s curious to be able to play a derby on here, but we will try to seize the week in order to train and compete. We have two very good games to continue with our preparation phase. For me this is a stage in which we need to distribute minutes, having an intense preparation. Yes we want to win, especially against Celta, but it cannot affect the goal of reaching the first game in liga.”

“We are far from our best version and, little by little, with the arrival of the new signings, we should complete the squad and reach the first game in the best possible way. Neither this Depor nor this Celta will be similar teams to the ones that will debut in liga.” He added.

Then Garitano was asked about the signings and the final composition of the squad. He didn’t want to say anything about the expected arrival of Florin Andone, “I’m up to date about the possible arrival of signings, but won’t say anything. I cannot speak until the operations are done. I will make a comment if the operations are completed.”

But later he wanted to clarify that there’s no final decision with the players that could go out loaned like Bicho or Borja Valle, “It depends on the configuration of the team, it depends if other players will come or not. Some players will have more options or not, we will see them during the trainings.”



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