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29 Nov 2006
With four goals scored during the last five games, ?lex Berganti?os has become the new hero of Deportivo B. His four goals have helped the squad take six of nine possible points, and to maintain a place in the top six teams of group 1 (Tercera).

Fabril is having a difficult season. The team started well, but two consecutive defeats (0-3 vs. Santa Comba and 0-4 vs. Villalonga) have left doubts about the potential of Tito Ramallo's team. Since then, Fabril is undefeated with two victories and three draws in five matches. And the hero of those five matches was Alex Berganti?os.  The captain of Deportivo B has scored four of the seven goals in those encounters.

Those four goals helped the team win six of nine possible points (1-1 draws with C?ltiga, R??pido de Bouzas and Betanzos and the last 1-0 win over Laracha). Thanks to Alex’s effectiveness, Fabril occupies the sixth position in group 1 with 24 points, only six away from the leader (Negreira).

This is a strange situation for Alex, who is not used to scoring goals. The 21-year old midfielder only scored once during the past season, and in the 2004/2005 campaign he only scored twice. The youngster himself expressed surprise about this situation in La Opini??n A Coru?a. "I don't have enough quality to play in an offensive position.  I do a better job when I am playing from behind. That's how I scored these four goals. It’s normal to see me score two goals in the entire season, so to be scoring four in a short period of time is surprising."

Alex’s best scoring season was at Juveniles.  "I scored six goals but at that time, I was taking the penalties." Alex is Fabril’s Pichichi at this time (tied with Jos? Arenas), but the youngster believes that this is just temporary. "I am convinced that sooner or later, other players like Iv??n P?rez, Rub?n or Jos? Arenas will take my place." So far, Alex hasn't been included in Caparr??s’ plans with the first squad.  It could be that the Sevillan coach doesn't want to harm Fabril since Alex is a leader in the squad, but if the youngster continues to play the way he is, it won't be surprising to see him playing in midweek friendlies.

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