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01 Dec 2006
Deportivo will face Racing Santander for the third time this season, the match will also mean a curious situation since six players will face a 'reencounter' against their previous club (Pinillos, Munitis, Scaloni and Aouate) or against the club that still possessing their rights (Momo and Antonio Tom??s).

Dudu Aouate was the one that fought harder in order to change his destiny. The Israeli keeper spent several weeks in a polemic confrontation against the president of Racing. However, Aouate doesn't have any resentment with his previous club: "I always said that this is the team that I love, they gave me the chance to play in Primera and that means everything to me. But now I am in Depor, we need these three points in order to end our negative period. I want to win."

Depor's keeper has been one of the players that is always appointing to Europe as the target for the season. A fact that he repeated during the week: "We have 16 points, that means that we are only four points away from the UEFA cup spots. I still believing that we can make a good season. We started well, we just have to improve outside home. I can only see me at the top with Deportivo, I know that we can be fighting for a European place, but we have to demonstrate it on the pitch., and we are going to do it."

Another player that will face a special 'reencounter' is Pedro Munitis, the Cantanbrian won the player of the year award in deportivo-la-coruna.com during the last two seasons, and he continues to enjoy the sympathy from the fans, a fact that Pedro will always remember: "This is going to be a special match for me, because the fans of Depor always treated me really well. We also want to win the game, and if I score a goal, I will celebrate it with all the respect."

Munitis also gave his opinion about the new Deportivo: "It's a team that works hard and that possess players that run a lot during the fully-ninety minutes. Maybe their weaker point is that they are facing problems to score goals, although they might have their day on Sunday." Of the six players that are living this special situation, only three will be starters in this match: Aouate, Munitis and Scaloni. Pinillos will be on Racing's bench, Antonio Tom??s is injured and Momo wasn't included in the list of called players.

The Canarian can't perform in this match because of a special clause in his loan contract, besides he hasn't been a normal participant in Racing's lineups. Momo was asked by a reporter if he feels sorry for leaving Depor since he isn't playing in the Cantabrian team, his answer was: "No. I had to leave that club, because I had the chance to play there in the previous season and I didn't do it. So the best thing was to leave, although that I am not happy either with my current situation in Racing."

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