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25 Oct 2016
Garitano increased the doubts about his role at Deportivo with the tactic for the game and also for leaving «olak and Arribas out of the meeting. Depor allowed four goals in straight matchdays for the first time in 60 years.

The six notes from the game Vs. RC Celta

1- Weird game: Too much punishment or not, the true is that Celta got a reward when it less deserved it. The team from Vigo deserved much more from a first half in which they could have been trailing if Guilherme would have found the ball at the box during the last play of the first part, later the locals scored three times in a second part in which they were having more problems. In the case of Depor, as it has been common on this season, the team was disconnected in the first part, and just when they were better the team ended conceding three goals.

2- Wrong tactic: Garitano opted in a 4-4-2 formation and the direct game, the tactic only worked at times and it was because the defensive lines contained the moves of Celta, though they have big problems with Orellana and his performance towards the centre. Later Mosquera and Guilherme never felt comfortable on the pitch and the team ended broken, it didnít happen in the first half as the equalizer arrived fast, but after the second goal the wall fell down.

3- Doubtful decisions by Garitano: Deporís coach not only made questionable decisions with the starting lineup, but also with the composition of the bench. He left «olak out despite been named the best player of September. The fans were asking about him and remembered his absence as neither Marlos Moreno nor Carles Gil brought anything in the second part. It was also weird to see Arribas out, mainly as Sidnei was coming from an injury and any problem could have forced the coach to improvise with BergantiŮos. So, Garitano is leaving more doubts of the ones that were already there before the

4- Gold in set-pieces: Deportivo have only scored six goals so far, the worst mark in la liga, and it turns out that four of those goals came in set-pieces (three free-kicks and one throw-in). So, the strategy has been the main resource to get the results. And it was a factor in this match. Depor had seven free-kicks in offense (six lateral and one at the edge of the area), the goal of Albentosa came in this way and Fajr was close to score after a rebound in a direct free-kick.  The sense of Depor also had two corner-kicks and in two of them a player ended heading the ball over the bar. The poor defending of Celta in these kinds of plays also increased the sense of danger in each set-piece.

5- Shooting accuracy: Deportivo managed to score its first away goal of the season, but the team continues to be ineffective. Despite having more shots than Celta (11 v 9), Los Blanquiazules only completed one shot on target, the goal of Albentosa. Depor only average 2.7 shots on target per game, itís the tenth worst mark among the top-five leagues in Europe (Hamburger SV lead the lists with 1.1).

6- Four goals allowed in two straight matches: Deportivo lost the derby allowing four goals, and the team was coming from another defeat at the Camp Nou also allowing four goals. This is the first time in sixty years with Depor allowing four goals in straight matchdays, the previous occasion was in 1968 (2-4 Vs. Real Madrid & 0-4 at RCD Espanyol).



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