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06 Nov 2016
Bad game by Deportivo, but the team had the chance to win 0-2 and again a bad decision of the referees affected the result. The game was poor before the first goal and later became exciting for the last 25 minutes.

Coach Gaizka Garitano presented the expected squad, a 4-2-3-1 formation that was the same one that faced Valencia CF on Monday with the novelty of Alejandro Arribas replacing suspended Raúl Albentosa at the centre of the defence.

Tytoń was the goalkeeper, Juanfran Moreno performed at the right side in defence, Luisinho played on the left, Sidnei joined Arribas at the centre, Celso Borges and Pedro Mosquera were the centre midfielders, Bruno Gama attacked from the right wing, Marlos Moreno did it from the left, then Florin Andone was the centre forward.

At Granada CF, coach Lucas Alcaraz decided to play with a system of three centre-backs and with ex-Depor Isaac Cuenca as a full-back on the right side. Also, David Barral was chosen to be the centre forward.

Photo: La Liga

Poor first part at Los Cármenes, both sides showed their miseries at the moment of attacking. Depor only created two chances and later wasted the counterattack provoked by the local errors with bad passes. The Andalusians had more ball possession and more control, but didn’t created harm in attack.

Depor’s game was jammed throughout the first part; Granada was intense at the moment of releasing quick attacks, but missed depth. Meanwhile, Deportivo were having big problems as soon as they were stepping into the attacking half. Çolak was disappeared as he was marked by Uche.

The first arrival for the Galicians came at minute 12, Bruno Gama stole the ball at the right wing and his cross was headed out by Andone. Two minutes later the action was repeated with different actors, Celso Borges released the cross from the right and Marlos Moreno headed the ball out. Those were the only chances created by Depor in this half.

Nothing special occurred in the next ten minutes, the game followed the same script as both sides were having big problems to attack. The first shot on target in the game came until minute 26. Pereira attempted a low shot that was blocked by Tytoń.

Çolak appeared for the first time until minute 33, it was a shot from the edge of the area that missed the target. The Turkish only touched the ball in ten opportunities within the first half an hour, the mark put by Granada CF was cutting his game, but he also seemed distracted.

The best chance for Granada CF came at minute 38, Barral sent a cross from the right and Pereira headed the ball out. The locals always seemed brighter at the moment of releasing the counterattack, but later their crosses were poor or simply they were unable to pass the wall composed by Arribas and Sidnei.

Photo: La Liga

The final part had two different moments: what happened before Depor’s goal and the hurries at both sides after it. Depor should have won, but the referees committed a huge mistake disallowing a goal that woupld have meant the 0-2.

The second half started with the same poor game practiced by both teams. At minute 50, a corner for Granada was cleared by Sidnei. One minute later Depor completed its first shot on target in the game, it was a free-kick by Çolak that Ochoa deflected at the goal line.

At minute 52, Pereira collected a cross from the right and Tytoń made the save. The first substitution came at minute 60, Marlos Moreno slipped inside the area during the counterattack and had to be stretched off. He was replaced by Ryan Babel.

And then Deportivo scored after finally seizing a counterattack. Borges got the ball at midfield and later Çolak drilled a perfect pass into the path of Florin Andone, who ran fifteen meters eluding a rival to face Ochoa one-on-one, after a first deflection the Romanian was able to chip the ball to score his first goal with Depor.

The game changed entirely after the goal, because Granada CF became desperate and sought for the equalizer having several chances, Barral was close to score with a shot that missed the crossbar (67’) and two minutes later the attempt by Andreas Pereira was deflected to corner-kick.

Depor were also having chances in the counterattack and the game became exciting, totally different to the picture saw within the first 65 minutes. Garitano made the second substitution and Guilherme replaced Çolak.

Minute 75 was crucial, in a corner-kick action for Depor, the ball was headed by Andone at the near post, the ball went directly into the far post and Ryan Babel scored the goal coming from behind, but the assistant ruled out the play for an inexistent offside. In the counterattack Cancela was close to score after firing from the edge of the area.

So, the game went from a 0-2 situation to a 1-1, because in the next corner-kick the locals equalized the game. Tytoń made two saves in the play, but was later unable to stop the effort of Lombán from inside the box.

The last ten minutes were mad. Depor had two chances in a matter of two minutes, first Bruno Gama was unable to score before Ochoa (82’) and then the Mexican made an incredible save before the short-distance attempt by Guilherme. In the resulting corner-kick Borges missed the target and then he was replaced by Fajr. Granada also had its chances and Lomban was close to score in a new corner-kick action (90+1’)

Bad game by Depor, crippled in attack and lacking ideas, but the point is that the team had the chance to be 0-2 by minute 75 and a bad call by the referees disallowed a goal that should have counted. Granada only reacted after the goal as the game had two different part, within the first 65 minutes it was boring and there were only two shots on target, but in the final twenty-five minutes there were eight.

Depor remain at the edge of relegation and there’s a break in la liga now due to the international action; the Galicians return in fifteen days in order to host Sevilla CF (Riazor, November 19, 13h00 CET).

Granada: (5-4-1) Ochoa – Cuenca, Saunier (Boga 64’), Vezo, Lombán, Gabriel Silva – Carcela-González, Toral (Kravets 69’), Uche (Semper 75’), Pereira – Barral.
Deportivo: (4-2-3-1) Tytoń – Juanfran, Arribas, Sidnei, Luisinho – Borges (Fajr 85’), Mosquera – Bruno Gama, Çolak (Guilherme 73’), Marlos Moreno (Babel 60’) – Andone.
Goals: 0-1: (64’) Andone, 1-1: (80’) Lombán
Referee: Alberto Undiano Mallenco. He showed yellow card to Saunier (22’), Borges (38’) & Luisinho (59’)
Venue: Los Cármenes (13,157)
Other statistics: Ball possession (59% - 41%); Attempts to score (8 – 7); Total shots (13 - 13); Shots on target (5 - 5); Saves by the keepers (4 - 4); Corner-kicks (7 - 6); Offsides (3 - 2); Fouls committed (11 - 7); Passing accuracy (80% - 65%)



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