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07 Nov 2016
Garitano and his players were furious for the decision of the referee that cancelled a second goal in the game, though they also admitted that Depor have problems playing away from the Riazor.

Coach Gaizka Garitano was not happy at all as Deportivo were unable to win a game that seemed under control, “The first half was controlled by both teams, and in the second both teams sought for the victory. It was in our hand, but it wasn’t possible.” H said during the press conference after the match.

The Basque man said before the meeting that he doesn’t like to talk of the referees, but the error cancelling the second goal was the stroke that broke the camel, “In the second half we had opportunities, we had the game in our hands. With the 0-1 we scored a legal goal and it isn’t the first time that it happens to us. I am a coach that never talks of the referees, but right now they take us as fools. “

“They have taken from us more than one point with their decisions, not one or two, and today the 0-2 was sealing the game. They invalidated goal and once again Deportivo are affected. The teams at the bottom like us are killed with these decisions. They pressed us in the end, which is logical, you are playing for your life. We were holding on the result and we were killing the game with the 0-2, and surely I am not leaving satisfied, because we had the victory in one hand.” He added.

Juanfran Moreno was furious with the error of the referee, “We weren’t good in the game, it’s true, it’s harder for us playing on the road, but we didn’t win because an error of the referee removed a goal from us, and we already suffered several errors that cost many points. It was the goal killing the game.”

“Once again the referees were wrong against us and later the committee punishes you if you talk about it, just when what they must do is to be better and stop failing, especially since they always fail against us. It was a very clear goal. Anyone watching football for a while has a clear picture that he entered from behind. He wasn’t standing there. How a guy entering from behind in a corner-kick can be in offside? It was logical that it was goal. Unfortunately, they were wrong again and unfortunately we are only Deportivo, we aren’t considered by the referees. They took the three points from us.” He added.

Celso Borges was speechless, “There’s no way. You end up without arguments to understand what’s going on. I understand that it’s a human thing to commit errors, but the referee is well placed. I don’t know what he saw, it’s the problem.”

Meanwhile, Florin Andone commented that, “It is a pity, because the team worked hard. I believe we did the right things. In the second half, we had ten bad minutes, because they pressed hard and truly they have more need, but the team played fine and we deserved the victory.”

The Romanian attacker admitted that he was anxious for not been able to score before, “I needed this. I hope that from now own I can unleash myself, because sometimes you play hurried when you are in need. You are nervous as you are trying to do things right, and it’s true that I am very happy for scoring my first goal and hope to score more.”

On Sunday, Luisinho was also firing against the referees, “They took away a goal that was valid. It isn’t a foul or an offside, it is a goal. It was a goal giving points and we need those points. Besides it was a very clear goal, everyone saw that it wasn’t offside and things are difficult in this way. I don’t say that they are disrespectful, but what a coincidence, we already had two games and they already disallowed two goals to us. Against Athletic it cost a defeat and with Granada it cost a draw. Coincidence or not, we don’t want to be benefited, but neither want to see them removing goals from us, because we need them.”

At Granada CF, Lucas Alcaraz said that the game was equal and that no one did more than the rival in order to win, “I don’t believe that any side did more merits than the other in order to win. What we saw was several phases in an equal game, we had two clear chances and they didn’t have much more.”

“Close to their goal we weren’t a compact team and we made the changes to did what we did at the end of the game, since that point we had opportunities in a game with ups and downs. There’s a situation that generates everything, it’s a bad situation for us. We achieved two draws at home in games that were equal and in order to translate into the results what we are working, we need the results to bring confidence.” He added.



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