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28 Nov 2016
The coach and the players were feeling impotent with this new defeat. They emphasized the bad luck and the fortune of Mlaga CF, but also the defensive errors committed by them.

Gaizka Garitano wont be fired after this new defeat, he was feeling powerless after the game, It isnt the first time that this happens to us; we have spent some games losing at the last minute and this is difficult to surpass. This is a critical moment. We were fine in the first half, but we committed two errors that penalized us.

The Basque man is convinced that Depor deserved more from this match, I dont think we have a tactical problem. Whats true is that they scored two great goals and later we had some defensive errors, later we didnt have a reward for the great game that we made. We conceded two goals that were great strikes going into the corner. Its also true that we committed defensive errors. Still, its true that they are scoring with very little and we are forced to carry with the weight of the game during long phases.

It isnt easy to watch this situation, a team that always lose at the last minute. I believe we made our best game on the season and truly we committed errors at the back and its difficult to win like this, but according to the feelings this has been our best game. Once again, we are leaving without a reward. Its also true that they scored two great goals and it also counts. He added.

Garitano didnt want to comment on his future after this new defeat, We just lost one more game, I am only thinking of going to the hotel and think of the game in Copa. Now we can only think of the Copa and must digest this painful defeat as soon as possible. We can only move forward.

Celso Borges scored a brace, but he was feeling impotent after the clash, It was a crazy game, but without disorder. I believe the team kept the same ideas despite leaking goals. We had the draw, but a late great strike cost the defeat. In the end it isnt a matter of deserving or not. The situation is complicate, we are leaving with good feelings, but we were unable to add points.

Florin Andone was the other scorer in the game, he was also feeling impotent with the defeat, I am a little sad. It was a game in which we dominated and in the end, with little details, they scored four goals. Its time to wake up and to be together. Im sure that next week we will make a nice work. We had the initiative, but the result stays there. This year anything is happening to us: big comebacks, impossible goals and goals at the 90. It seems everything is negative on this year. Its a matter of a negative streak, Im sure. The team showed personality and Im sure that next week we will make things better.

Luisinho commented that, It was an open game, highly disputed by both teams. We had a little disadvantage in the 3-1, and with the 3-3 the 3-4 was closer, but the last strike meant a great goal. We were aware that it as a difficult game. We were unable to hold on their pressure and with the late effort we managed to pass from the 1-3 to the 3-3, and with the defeat we ended sad. It was an important game and now we must forget it.

At Mlaga CF, coach Juande Ramos was admitting that it was a crazy game, It was a rollercoaster. We started losing, later we came back for the 2-1 and at the beginning of the second part the 3-1 arrived. We relaxed thinking the victory was inside the pocket and Depor reacted. They got the 3-3 and we reacted. The team pushed for the victory. We thought the game was finished with the 3-1. Depor have a great team and its very similar to us.



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