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05 Dec 2016
Depor’s coach is aware of the pressure, but also knows that he needs to win in order to stay and increase the confidence of his team. Real Sociedad’s coach was warning that this is a difficult game.

Gaizka Garitano conceded his press conference on Sunday’s noon. He didn’t want to talk of Arribas and admitted that the lack of results is affecting the confidence of his team. The following is a summary of the things he said:

Important game: “As the games pass, and with you missing the win, the games turn to be more important, and tomorrow’s meeting is a game of win or win. The three points must stay home. That’s the mentality that we have.”

Pressure: “There’s always pressure, and when the weeks pass without winning the need is bigger and we are a team in need. Tomorrow’s we play before our fans, we see it as a great opportunity.”

Changes at the lineup: “We will have some changes, we also recovered some players, so there could be changes. We can work with both system [5-4-1 or 4-2-3-1] We can start with one and later end with another.”

Real Sociedad: “For me it is the best team in the tournament. The one that plays better football and the one in the best shape, so it’s the best team to me. It is a team that has more ball possession and with level having the ball, their confidence is high as the results are coming, so we must be prepared to make a good game without having the ball. Even against Barcelona they were fine and must know how to defend.”

Will Depor give up the ball possession? “Well, we were protagonists against Sevilla and Betis, what we want is to win and need to search  for a way, and that way could be to take away the ball from Real Sociedad, but it’s difficult. Later they press a lot and must prepared for both phases. “

Andone: “He was rested yesterday, but in the beginning everyone is fine.”

Special game “Yes I played there and it’s a special game, but t’s special as we need to win. We need and deserve a victory. We need to make a good game in order to end with this negative streak. The true is that we are close each day and must give everything on the field.”

Depor can still offer more: “I believe we still can offer more. We aren’t winning recently and we have been close, but we aren’t clinching the win. We need to improve a lot of things and must continue doing the things we do right.”

 Confidence: “Our confidence isn’t as high as the one of Real Sociedad, because the confidence comes with the game and in a high percentage with the result. Sometimes you need to play good in order to win, but in the major part of opportunities you need to win in order to play good. As soon as you are winning, the better you play. It is something affecting us, we need to win in order to gain confidence. If we would have eight more points, then we would be playing better. You have anxiety for seeing yourself at the bottom”

Conflict with Arribas? “Tomorrow at 8:45 PM the game Deportivo against Real Sociedad [he was making a gesture of staying focus]”

Eusebio Sacristán conceded his press conference on Sundays’ noon. He was trying to contain the euphoria after the most recent results and was praising Deportivo. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Roster for the game: “David [Zurutuza] had a muscle problem, so that’s why we made the change at Valladolid. He didn’t have time to recover to be in this game. We have a roster with nineteen players, because there are some players with discomfort and we want to be protected. We have two games in a row and we want to be prepared before the inconvenience.”

The absence of David Zurutuza: “For that position we have Granero, Igor and the option of Sergio Canales. Any of the three can participate. We have already seen that they are all prepared. Beyond the continuity of a group, everyone is prepared and worked hard to be at the level of the partners when it comes to enter. There is a player down that has been a starter, like David, but the good thing, and what gives us peace of mind, it’s that people are prepared.”

Fighting at the top: “It is nice to see you in a good position at the standings and is a consequence of the work we are doing during these months. We have decided to focus on the week, on the day to day and the consequence is a good position. We want this prize for the end of the season and we have to keep calm, be happy to see the fans can be excited every week with the position of the team, but beyond that we must focus on what to do to win: the next game. We are happy about what can be done with a victory, but we must stay focus because this is very long.”

Euphoria: “We are being able to maintain a high level. I admit it and I’m very happy. But I want to send the message that if we lower the level, then things can change and I don’t want it to. I want to keep paying attention and letting everyone know that this is our way. We have seen in Valladolid that any team creates problems if you don’t go out at 100%. We require intensity. We cannot believe that we are very good and that we will win without going out at the top. When we have the ball we have the quality to make damage, but always through concentration and intensity.”

Deportivo: “It's a team that, while they are not getting results lately, it’s close to achieve them, which means that they are doing things well. I have a lot of respect for Depor and for their coach, a good man who knows this house very well and also the Real’s players. We know that we are going to face a team ready to give everything to change its dynamics. In order to win we need to do things very well and we are mindful of it. They also have quality players, with imbalance. They seek for the depth of their strikers and have a quality team for this league. We have to be prepared for these fast transitions and it’s a moment to pay attention to what this game means for them and keep in mind that they have good players. We have to do everything very well to deserve to win the game.”



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