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06 Dec 2016
Big match for Deportivo, this time the luck was at the side of the Galicians, but in punctual actions that are always decisive, because in the rest the Galicians were a hurricane before one of the best teams in la liga.

Coach Gaizka Garitano presented one novelty at the expected lineup, it was the presence of Fernando Navarro as the left-back. The rest was the expected 4-2-3-1 formation. Lux was the goalkeeper, Juanfran Navarro performed at the right side of the defence, while Sidnei and Raúl Albentosa were the centre-backs.

Celso Borges and Guilherme were the centre midfielders, Carles Gil attacked from the right wing, Ryan Babel did it from the left, Emre Çolak was the playmaker and Florin Andone was the centre forward.

At Real Sociedad, coach Eusebio Sacristán chose to play with Sergio Canales as the replacement of David Zurutuza at midfield. The 4-3-3 draw had on Carlos Vela, Mikel Oyarzabal and Willian José as the references in attack.

The perfect first half for Depor, once again the rival had some chances taking advantage of the local errors and there were some protests for the decisions of the referee, but what was different was a perfect Depor in attack that scored three times in only 45 minutes before one of the most in-form teams in the league.

Depor started pressing, but it was Real Sociedad the side with the first opportunity. In a play after a lateral free-kick, Yuri entered the area by the left side, his cross hit a defender and Tytoń made the save (3’). Depor responded with a great pass by Guilherme that left Andone alone before Rulli, who made the save before the strong shot from the attacker (5’).

The game turned to be an exchange of blows as the ball was going from one area to the other in a matter of seconds. At minute 9, Navarro had a blocked shot in a corner-kick, in the counterattack the visitors got a corner-kick and Oyarzabal was close to score with a shot that passed over the crossbar.

Then Andone had a second great chance, again he was left alone before Rulli and this time his shot was deflected by Carlos Martínez, and in the resulting corner-kick Depor scored the first goal, it was a cross by Çolak in a combinative play on the corner that was deflected into the box, Sidnei was there and, after eluding a rival, the Brazilian scored with a drilling shot.

Real Sociedad weren’t affected by the goal and started to push, the Basques were close to score in a lateral free-kick in which Oyarzabal missed the target from the left corner of the area (15’), eight minutes later Vela missed the target in a solo-play running from outside the area. Deportivo accepted to see the Basques dominating the ball possession and tried to cover all the spots at the back.

And the Galicians were going to score the second goal in the counterattack, Carles Gil made a great pass at midfield allowing Andone to run on the left wing and release a cross into the box, Iñigo Martínez arrived first, but he was so desperate that he ended sending the ball into the back of his own net.

Depor were finding the luck that they were waiting for and the locals were better after the second goal, because this time Real Sociedad fell down with the goal allowed. Carles Gil was close to find the ball at the left corner of the area after solo-play by Andone, but Carlos Martínez found the way to clear the danger (32’).

Andone was close to score again at minute 35, he ran from midfield and entered the area, and his low shot was cleared by Rulli with the legs. And the Romanian was going to score the third goal before the break and after missing his previous three opportunities. In a similar play to the second goal, but this time on the right wing, Juanfran was assisted and the made a long run to end releasing a perfect cross that Andone found at the box to score with a strong shot.

The Romanian barely touched the ball in the first part, only fourteen touches but he was a big factor in this half after been involved in two of the three goals and after completing four shots (three of them on target). It’s the fourth straight matchday with him scoring a goal.

Not even the goal from Real Sociedad affected Deportivo, because the Galicians replied and unleashed a big party at the Riazor. Andone had again important chances and again scored, while the rest of the attacking line was brilliant.

The final part was a continuation of the first, because Real Sociedad started to push and Depor didn’t hesitate in searching for the fourth goal. Thus Andone had a double chance, first in a new counterattack in which he was too slow as a defender cleared the ball coming from behind, in the resulting corner-kick the Romanian headed on target the cross by Çolak and somehow Rulli cleared the danger (55’).

And Real Sociedad scored in the counterattack of that play. Canales picked the ball at the edge of the area and assisted Yuri with a heel pass and the full-back scored with a strong shot into the far top-corner of Tytoń.

This was the most entertaining game at the Riazor during this season, with a back and forth between two teams trying to win, and the ghosts surrounded the stadium after what happened against Sevilla CF, but this time Depor were going to reply lead by the combination between Andone, Çolak and Babel, trio that was a dagger for the visitors.

In a corner-kick action, Albentosa was pulled by Iñigo Martínez when he was trying to head the ball and the referee whistled the penalty, after a little fight between the players Ryan Babel missed the penalty as Rulli punched the ball, but the Dutchman collected the loose ball and scored from close range.

The fourth goal was the stroke that broke the camel at Real Sociedad and the Basques lost their mind, starting several fights and committing several fouls, while they were unable to create scoring chances. Depor continues to use the counterattack and thus created big opportunities. Babel was close to score again in one of these actions with a strong shot that Rulli barely deflected (69’).

Then Andone scored again, Çolak made a great pass drilling the ball between the defence, Andone came from behind and scored with a strong shot into the top right-corner of Rulli. The Riazor was a party and Garitano celebrated with the entries of Joselu, Mosquera and Fajr, this in order to refresh his squad.

And to prove that this was the day of Depor, Real Sociedad missed the second goal twice in actions in which the locals finally had some good luck, in the first the shot of Yuri was saved between Juanfran and Tytoń with the keeper even avoiding the corner-kick (82’)  and later William José found the woodwork with his shot from the edge of the area, the ball hit first the crossbar, then the near post of Tytoń and the ball passed in front of the goal line until the Polish goalie got the ball at the far post (90’).

29 shots in a game with both sides having chances, but with Depor been the best team despite not having the ball possession, this for having a lot of opportunities and for been patient, but especially for the combination between Andone, Çolak and Babel. The whole team was great as Deportivo clinched its third win on the season.

Depor remain living outside of relegation and on next matchday the Galicians visit the other team in great form in la liga: Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabéu (Saturday, 20h45 CET).

Deportivo: (4-2-3-1) Tytoń – Juanfran, Albentosa, Sidnei, Navarro – Borges, Guilherme (Mosquera 82’) – Carles Gil, Çolak (Fajr 86’), Babel – Andone (Joselu 80’).
Real Sociedad: (4-3-3) Rulli - Carlos Martínez, Raúl Navas, Íñigo Martínez, Yuri - Illarramendi, Xabi Prieto (Granero 63’), Canales (Concha 76’) – Vela (Juanmi 63’), Oyarzabal, Willian José.
Goals: 1-0: (12’) Sidnei, 2-0: (28’) Iñigo Martínez (o.g.), 3-0: (42’) Andone, 3-1: (56’) Yuri, 4-1: (63’) Babel (penalty), 5-1: (76’) Andone
Referee: José Luis Munuera Montero. He showed yellow card to Iñigo Martínez (61’), Çolak (62’), Granero (64’), Yuri (65’) & Juanmi (85’)
Venue: Riazor (20,683)
Other statistics: Ball possession (45% - 55%); Attempts to score (11 – 7); Total shots (15 - 14); Shots on target (10 - 3); Saves by the keepers (2 - 5); Corner-kicks (8 - 6); Offsides (2 - 1); Fouls committed (15 - 10); Passing accuracy (80% - 83%)



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