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07 Dec 2016
Historic game with Deportivo scoring five goals and grabbing the third win on the season Everything was in favour of the Galicians and suddenly the worry with the number of goals in favour is fading away.

The six notes from the game Vs. Real Sociedad

1- The best game on the season: After 14 matchdays this has been the best game with Depor’s name on it, but it was not only great for the five goals, but also because Real Sociedad also sought the victory, they completed fourteen shots, only one less than Depor. Their problem was the lack of strength at defence, mainly on the sides. The open mind of both teams provoked an attractive game with eighteen scoring opportunities and six goals. A party.

2- The perfect game: Finally Deportivo found a perfect game that paved the way to the victory. The strategy worked, the attacking line was brilliant, the defence didn’t commit mistakes (Real Sociedad’s goal was a great combinative play), even the referees seems to have favoured the Galicians as in the play of the penalty Albentosa pushed first a rival before been pulled by Iñigo Martínez.

Garitano was also perfect in what many thought it was his funeral, he sent Babel and Andone to push Yuri and the left side of the defence at Real Sociedad was constantly overflowed. The perfection was also witnessed in the third goal, the ten field players touched the ball throughout 55 seconds without the rival been able to stop it (15 passes), and the play ended with Juanfran assisting Andone. Perfection.

3- Dynamite in attack  Everyone was hoping that Joselu was going to refresh the attacking line, but in this game he wasn’t needed. Truly Andone failed a lot, but he scored a brace and increased his tally to five goals in four games. Babel was also great and completed five shots and was the player with the best passing ratio (90%). Behind them Emre Çolak, who was quiet inside the area (only one shot), but was directing the traffic of the ball to the point of been the player with more touches for Depor (70).

The result is that Depor scored five goals, a tally that’s increased to eight goals in two games taking in mind the past game with Málaga CF. The last time Depor scored eight goals in two straight Primera matches was in 2003 against Alavés and Racing Santander. Depor are now 13th in the list of best scorers in liga, it has only one goal less than Champions League aspirant Villarreal CF. Suddenly the worry for lacking goals is fading away.

4- Sidnei, goal and armband: Sidnei Rechel finally scored a goal with Deportivo, he sought for his goal throughout the past two seasons and it was until now that he found the net, and it was to open the scoresheet in the third victory on the season. He was also debuting as a captain, the fifth on this season after Lux, Laure, Álex Bergantiños and Pedro Mosquera.

5- Guilherme and Borges: Celso Borges was quiet in attack, but it called the attention that he and Guilherme have found an understanding. The poor performance of Pedro Mosquera was inviting to search for alternatives and the Brazilian has left a positive impression, so it seems that Garitano has a new couple in the pivote functions.

 6- Historic marks: It’s not usual to see Depor scoring five goals in one single game, so it’s normal to realize that there are a couple of old marks that have been tied. For example Deportivo scored three goals in a first half of a La Liga home game for the first time since 2008 against Recreativo Huelva. Then to remember that this was the first time with Depor scoring four or more goals at Primera since the 0-4 win at Levante UD in 2013, finally to realize that this was the biggest win for Depor in the competition since October 2003 against Atletico Madrid (5-1). 



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