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30 Dec 2016
Depor’s president admitted the interest in Gerard Deulofeu, but assured that it’s difficult. He also talked of Álex Bergantiños, Saúl and Borja Valle.

President Tino Fernández presented on Thursday the memories of the season 2015/16, after the act he talked to reporters and analysed the situation ahead of the winter window. He admitted the interest in Gerard Deulofeu, but assured that he isn’t leaving Everton FC. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Borja Valle: “Normally I like to speak when things are closed, but it’s true that there are ongoing talks with Elche. Technically the market is not open yet, we remain in December, but it’s true that things are done with Elche and there’s an agreement, but we need to complete the paperwork. I understand it will take place on next week.”

Is Deulofeu Babel’s replacement?: “I don’t like to talk of specific names, because it doesn’t help in the negotiations. In this case, it is a player that won’t go out of his team. There’s a lot of information, but he isn’t going out from his team. But in the case of Joselu he was unreachable when Deportivo got interested in him and today he’s at Deportivo. In this case the information that we have is that this player isn’t going out from his team.”

Arrivals: “If we could choose, we would like to have the signings as soon as possible, precisely because January can be a month of eight games, it’s an intense month, but the market isn’t managed by the calendar.  In any case the option should be convincing us. At this moment, we are talking, but things are tight, nothing is close to happen.”

Number of signings: “We aspire to improve and won’t sign just for the pleasure of signing, we never did it before. Surely, we will sign a player and later we will see what we can find in the market. If there’s something interesting we will do it, we aren’t planning loans unless is something very interesting, maybe if it is for the rest of the season plus an additional year, but right now there’ isn’t a specific idea.” 

Exits: The market is not open yet, but we aren’t promoting any exit. The exception is Borja Valle, because the player and his agent want to have more minutes. We are close to sign with Elche and if it is done, as I expect, in the beginning there won’t be more exits.”

Álex Bergantiños: “The plan of the club is to not allow his exit, if he wants it then Álex, who is loved by the club and everybody, won’t face difficulties if he present a proposal, but our idea is to see him staying.”

Saúl Fernández: “We are working with his agents and there’s an option with RCD Mallorca, which was already presented and accepted. At this moment, we are pending to close it. The paperwork isn’t closed and we will see what happens with Saúl. At this point he hasn’t rescinded with Girona.”



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