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03 Feb 2017
Depor’s coach warns that Deportivo remain in a difficult position and expects for a complicate game. Betis’ coach is aware that his team needs to improve playing on the road.

Gaizka Garitano conceded his press conference on Thursday’s noon. He talked to reporters for twelve minutes.  For him Depor remain in a difficult situation and the coach also explained the entries of Luisinho and Ola John. The following is a summary of the things he said.

The current moment:  ”All weeks we train fine, but logically when you lose everyone wants to fix things and think of winning. We are working on that. Off course I am worried, when you don’t win then you are worried. We are coming from losing and we know that tomorrow’s is an important game. We play before a great team and are forced to win. This is a turning point and an important game towards the future. What we want is to add the three points.”

Betis. “They are coming from making a great game against Barcelona and it’s four points away from us, it’s a goal to us to reach them. Now we play against them and we need to defeat them in order to get close.”

Cold starts in the games: “Truly in the last two games we didn’t enter as it was necessary, normally we have strong starts, but it didn’t happen. It’s an issue that we have talked, but this isn’t trained. It’s a subject of the group and we need to be focused. “

Ola John: “He is a quality player. He can perform on both wings and know what to do with the ball, hi problem is the level, he needs to raise the level. One thing is the individuality quality, but you cannot play at Primera with only that, he needs pace. As soon as he has that he will ready as he is a good player.”

What to expect from the game: “We have played three times against Betis and every time it was a difficult game, for us and for them. They have a strong squad and are coming from doing things right. I liked them in the last game with Barcelona, surely it will be difficult.”

Home performance: “At home we felt comfortable, it doesn’t mean that we can only depend on what we do at home, because someday things aren’t going to work out on here. We have to fix things to play on the road, because it’s true that we haven’t won. But at home we showed good things and should stay in the same course.”

Situation at the standings: “A winless team will always increase the doubts, either is us or Betis. For me all the games are important, the game at Las Palmas was very important and we didn’t’ start in the right way, against Eibar it was very important and we lost that opportunity. Each time you don’t win the next one turns to be more important. I know what tomorrow’s game is very important, especially since we come from losing.”

Sidnei’s errors<: “I don’t want to talk of individual judgments, but clearly he had some errors. We have confidence in him and we are aware that he’s an important player. He is one of the players that, when he’s at his best, the team is close to win, and when he isn’t so good, then you face more problems. He’s a player that marks the temperature of the team. He is vital for us”

Luisinho as a starter: “The fullbacks run more when we play at home and that’s why you can end opting more in one player. It’s a tactical issue. Both [Navarro and Luisinho] have been playing and it depends on the rival’s tactic and more. I am satisfied with their performance.”

Winter window: “Maybe other teams got more reinforcements, but in the end if you are best or not it isn’t a matter of numbers. In a few months we will talk of the performance with the new ones. Not by bringing more people you are reinforced the most. We had a very important casualty, Ryan Babel, and it’s difficult to be better compare dot one month ago when your best player isn’t in. What we did was to replace the ones leaving, in this case Ryan and Borja, and replace them with players with quality. I am content with both signings. We need a little of time, like when Ryan came, but it was difficult to improve the team in December since we lost an important player.”

Marlos Moreno: “He is a mature lad. I will talk to him. He never before was out of the roster, but he is now off as other team mates entered. He works at the top and learns things every day. It doesn’t mean we aren’t counting with him, but I need to see Ola entering into the dynamic. He [Ola John] is improving and could have minutes, but it won’t be a constant to see Marlos out.”

Renewal of the coach: “It isn’t important at this point. We are in a delicate situation and the goals aren’t fulfilled, both the ones of the coach and the ones of the team, so until the moment arrives we must try to talk on the field.”

Three keepers on the roster: “It will be a constant from now own. We will start to pick the three of them.  We have one that snores and needs to be alone [he joked]”

Víctor Sánchez Del Amo talked to reporters on Thursday’s noon. He talked about the performance of the team playing on the road and didn’t want to talk of changes at the lineup. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Team performance against FC Barcelona: "That wasn’t the Calderon's match yesterday. Every game we play means to make an analysis to draw conclusions that allow us to grow and improve. We need to reinforce the things we do well, and the things we understand need be corrected we need to work on them. Of course, every game serves us and the previous game was an example of the good performance and the growing line that we are maintaining. "

Will there be changes at the starting eleven?: "We don’t give information about lineups that can give information to the opponent in the face of preparation. As for the starting eleven or the way of playing, we keep that possibility of being able to use the surprise factor. "

Away performance: "We haven’t been effective on the road, at least not the level we are having at home. The team is creating opportunities. Obviously, when playing outside, the subjugation of the opponent influences, but I think our team has had personality and we have had an important presence and ability to dominate in the games that we have played outside. Neither was something occurring in many games at the calendar. It's true, the effectiveness has been different. We haven’t been able to materialize the occasions we have had and the rivals have had more success. We work to change that, obviously. We hope to raise our level of effectiveness. "

Deportivo: "A team that, although they had some movements in the winter market, it continues to maintain the same line of game that they had when we face them in the Cup. They have established a series of automatisms and we expect that they will continue in that line. There may be some variation as to the names that have come in this market, but we have prepared the match for any of the situations that can happen. "

Revenge from Copa Del Rey: "The only revenge in the Cup that exists is to win it. We have competed with the maximum hope and we have been left out. There is no Cup anymore. We are in La Liga and the goal in La Liga is to add three points in every matchday and for that we need to focus, with the idea of climbing positions. " 



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