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11 Feb 2017
Depor’s coach believes the pressure at the club is not normal, but at the same time he is happy with it. Athletic’s coach is also worried as his team isn’t having strong starts in the games.

Gaizka Garitano addressed the media on Friday’s noon; he talked to reporters for ten minutes and didn’t want to give clues for the game against Athletic, he assured that both Ola John and Kakuta could play, also that Çolak and Fajr are players for the same position. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Long break: “The players are willing to perform and things turn to be longer after not playing on last week, especially since we arrive after losing.”

The roster: “You always ask me for the players that aren’t in, but I can only pick eighteen. I cannot pick more, and always someone is left out, it isn’t personal. This only increases the competence, nobody is relaxed and you have to fight in order to be in. We didn’t live this all year long, I am lucky to be able to leave people out. Today we left four men out , which is difficult for the coach, but hopefully this can happen every week. It would mean that the competence is increasing the performance.”

Kakuta & John: “Both are leaving good feelings during the trainings, none of them are ready to perform for the full ninety minutes, but any of them can play.”

Luisinho or Navarro? “We change them for details. There are details that make us to play with one of them or the other, for example who the rival is, small things. Both play regularly and we count with them. No matter who plays, my idea of how they play doesn’t change. It uses to be a decision based on who they are facing, I mean who is the player in front of them.”

Çolak or Fajr “If Emre plays then Fajr isn’t playing. If he plays, then he can be delayed, but we lose strength. When you look at the lineup you trend to see other things, though Fajr played on the right for the African Cup. But we are having wingers, we have options of making other things. This always enriches you as a team.”

Athletic Club: They only lost once against Barcelona [at home], they are pretty strong at their stadium. In San Mamés is always tough, but we are willful and are in need. With everything you need to get a good result, we rely in our possibilities and are willing to get something positive.”

Improving results: “We need to change some details. We will see tomorrow is we are able to do it or not. A lot of times we do the right things and were close to win. We don’t need revolutions and neither experiments. I know what we are going to do, but we cannot fool ourselves just because we have been close to win or because we have left good feelings. We need to be strong at the start, we didn’t do it within the last two games. The consistency must last ninety minutes.”

The system: “We need to be open to several possibilities outside home; we can be testing things. We have a plan B, if we cannot achieve things at some certain point in the game, then you have to change.”

Pressure at Depor?: “Whoever comes here knows what’s here. This pressure makes us grow, it isn’t an excuse. I never complained about it. Demands beyond the real possibilities just make you to press harder, to grow and been higher. It isn’t bad. Other teams don’t have high demands as us, why? This is a big club. This only encourages me to work harder, to ask for more, the height must be bigger each day. It cannot be an excuse and neither a complaint.”

Ernesto Valverde talked to reporters on Friday’s afternoon. He isn’t worried for been playing the Europa League on Thursday and believes his team needs to start strongly in the games. The following is a summary of the things he said.

State of the squad: “Everybody is fine expect Kepa and Sabin. Yeray is fine; he has entered well into the dynamic.”

Game at San Mamés: “This is another home game in which we need to add the three points and remain strong at home. This is a new challenge for us; we still need to fix some things, like the fact of starting losing in the games. Against Sporting we faced problems to move forward with the game. We are having issues and need to fix it.”

Deportivo: “They need to add and we are having things in mind. We all need the points and it’s fundamental to learn how to close the home meetings.”

Rotations ahead of the Europa League: “We have a margin of five days to prepare the game in the Europa League. I am not worried. We will see.”

Gaizka Garitano: “I believe Gaizka tries to make strong teams and with intensity besides the football quality.”

 More rest for Deportivo: “You never know if long periods of inactivity are good or bad.” 




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