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13 Feb 2017
Depor’s coach and his players were devastated after the game, they didn’t have words to explain how Depor lost again after having the advantage in the scoresheet.

Coach Gaizka Garitano was very disappointed for the result, “We are screwed, because I think we made a very good game. It’s the typical away game for Depor, one in which in the end we lose. For the effort done we always leave empty-handed.” He was also asked about the possible offside in the second goal and didn’t want to answer.

Asked again about how Depor are dropping points at the end of the games the Basque man responded that, “We do anything to avoid it. The team made a great game too, but it’s true that story has been repeated. We must keep working. The team demonstrated that it has order and clear ideas, but definitely it isn’t enough to win on the road. We must keep going.”

“We are a team that only commits a few fouls; the second goal came in a play in which we lost the ball in attack. A rival passed in the middle of four men for not committing a foul and it is one of our characteristics. And for all the things we do, we don’t get enough reward.” He added.

He denied the idea that Depor are physiologically afraid to lose when they play on the road, “I don’t think that the team is demonstrating this on the field. It’s true that we lost some games at the end, but a team that isn’t believing doesn’t go out as we did it today.”

The coach pointed that Athletic didn’t do a good game, “They also play, but for how Athletic press in the second parts the true is that we didn’t suffer too much. The true is that, compared to other games that I have watched, games in which Athletic pressed more in the second half than in the first, this was the match in which their rival suffered the less at San Mamés.”

Finally, Garitano explained why Andone was replaced at the end of the game, “We needed fresh legs. We gave the last twenty minutes to Joselu, for many things, they also made late changes. Athletic also changed the striker.”

Celso Borges was feeling depressed with the result, “It’s difficult to assimilate it, it’s tough to assume this. It’s another hit against us. We didn’t materialize the game we did with a good result. Right now, it’s difficult to find a reason why, but it will be a long night.”

“Our situation at the standings is pointing to this, this is a delicate moment and we need a victory in order to gain morale. Definitely, we are doing something wrong, that’s for sure. When this happen in several opportunities it leaves you to think in many things. But we cannot be mad and must make a step forward.” The midfielder added.

Guilherme didn’t find an explanation to what’s happening to Depor at the end of the games, “We were superior to Athletic, the second goal was offside and we must raise the head and face the next game. We are making good games and must try to raise the head.2

Sidnei was also feeling devastated with the result, “It’s tough to come to this field to do everything we can and not get the reward that we deserved, we need to get positive things. We made a good game, but suffered two blows at the end. We must follow the same path, because the victories must arrive, yes or yes.”

At Athletic, coach Ernesto Valverde recognized that they suffered against Depor, “We are now used to this. I know it isn’t good for the people with heart issues, but everything is better with a happy ending. In the first half Depor controlled the zone at midfield and we missed ideas at the moment of reaching the area. In the second we knew how to press better and push the rival to run and we found the reward with enough time to get the second goal. We have suffered too much. The rivals are fresher at the beginning and hold up, but you have to last the full ninety minutes.”



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