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18 Feb 2017
Depor’s coach knows that his team needs to seize the large number of games to be played at the Riazor and asks his players to commit more fouls. Alavés’ coach is aware of Depor’s strength in the crosses and set-pieces.

Gaizka Garitano addressed the media on Friday’s noon; he is aware that Depor need to seize the games to be played at the Riazor and also that the team needs to fix details in order to get the results. The following is a summary of the things he said.

The mood after the last defeat: All the players are having an exceptional behavior. All of them are adding. Ten points for everyone at the changing room. I am the responsible for the situation and the first one that wants things to be fine.”

Home games: “We have only played a few games at home lately and not only us, the other teams also add more at home than away. Within the last seventeen games, ten will be played here, so the future is passing through the Riazor.”

Next games against Alavés and Leganés: “These two are very important matches. Those are teams from the middle/low frame of the standings and it’s always more equal and we have options. We are coming after some time without winning and the need is getting bigger.”

Alavés: They are doing a great season, they reached the final in Copa, something historic. We faced them three times on this season and those were always equal games. This is a very physical team, well organized and besides, they have football.”

Marcos Llorente: He is a great player. We knew him before and we knew he was going to be good, but right now he is surpassing the expectations. He’s one of their best players and will be one of our main worries.  But there won’t be a special mark over him, because we don’t have the kind of player for that constant mark.”

Improving to get the results: “Everything can be improved and in the other football we aren’t good, we need to improve it. One thing is to play and the other to do the right things, but always managing the games. In that aspect we only commit a few fouls, we only saw a few cards… I talked to the players in order to improve this factor, it isn’t a matter of sacrifice or order, it’s to know that not always you will win playing good football. In San Mamés we only committed four fouls in the second half, in play of the second goal a rival came out between four of our players.”

The referees: “Today you cannot talk of the subject, but it’s clear what’s going on, from matchday one to last week.  We didn’t have luck and it isn’t only me saying this, it isn’t subjective, it’s the truth. We need to help the referee and not to receive anything in exchange, but what we don’t need is to see them taking things from us. “

Mauricio Pellegrino addressed the media on Friday’s noon. He is aware that Alavés need to keep the intensity and warned about the pressure and the set-pieces of Deportivo. The following is a summary of the things he said.

The goal for the season: “We have to look our present, our main goal. For me la liga is the target and the place where we have to keep the level, so the project of Alavés can continue.  For me tomorrow’s game is very important, facing a rival that we already faced three times and those were equal meetings, so we will need to make a good game in order to have chances.”

Intensity: “Well, one of our main topics in order to compete at this level is to have intensity. If Alavés decrease the level then we already had meetings in which we failed. In order to compete we need to be at the top of our possibilities.”

Deportivo: “All the teams are evolving, all are changing things and fixing details. They have signed new players and for me it is a team that plays well, they have quality, and in their field they practically succeeded in all their games, so for us it is an important game and we need to show that we can continue growing.”

How to play at the Riazor: “We need calm to control the ball… as we are an intense team with the pressure, sometimes we miss the concentration to switch between having or not the ball, it is something to improve. The details in any game are infinite. The last time we played there we lost the ball too many times during the output, they put a lot pressure and therefore we allowed things. They are strong in the crosses as it happened in the last goal and are also strong in set-pieces, which is a detail they work pretty well.”



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