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20 Feb 2017
Neither the changes at the lineup nor the ones made during the game had an impact in the result, though the presence of Lux refreshed the goal. Depor had problems with the output of the ball as the team barely had clear chances to score.

The five notes from the game against Deportivo Alavés.

1- Lights and shadows with the lineup: Garitano made three changes at the starting lineup compared to the game with Athletic. Lux, Luisinho and Bruno Gama were starters in this opportunity. The most surprising one was the presence of the Argentine goalie, who spent four months out and he was the only one novelty that worked out, because he made four saves, including one before Andone, that left Depor in the game until the end.

But the other two novelties didn’t have an impact in the game, truly Luisinho was preferred for his offensive skills compared to Navarro, but only one of his seven crosses met the target, while Bruno Gama had a decent game, but neither influenced in the score. Actually, Andone looked better when Carles Gil entered the field in order to perform on the right wing.

3-Blocked output of the ball: Deportivo had a strong start in the game, but it was because Alavés were distracted with the pressure. As soon as the Basques adjusted the marks Deportivo fell down and only had two big chances in the whole game. The problem was that the ball wasn’t passing through the midfielders and the Galician team returned to the old habit of attempting the output of the ball through the right side.

Thus, it isn’t surprising that Juanfran was the player with more touches at Deportivo (87). Meanwhile, Guilherme only touched the ball in 64 opportunities and Borges only had 40 in 70 minutes on the field. In the end the ball wasn’t reaching the path of Andone, who ended the meeting with only 29 touches.

3- Disaster with the changes: One more time Garitano failed with the changes during the games. He replaced Kakuta with Carles Gil after the first lost a ball at midfield, this modification had little impact in the game. And when the score was 0-1 the coach was so desperate that he took off Borges and put Joselu in.

This change pushed Çolak to midfield in order to join Guilherme and it only made things worse, because without the Turkish the offensive game was even poorer. Garitano realized about the mistake and allowed the entry of Fajr, something that pushed Çolak back into his natural position, but it was already too late, curiously the Basque man had said before that Fajr and Çolak cannot coexist on the pitch.

4- Bad luck? Truly it wasn’t a good game by Deportivo, but it must be admitted that the Galicians did the merits to at least pick a point before a rival that also only had a few clear chances. In the first half Kakuta hit the woodwork and keeper Pacheco was lucky enough to get the ball before the header of Juanfran. And at the last minute Luisinho should have scored when the keeper was already surpassed, but unexpectedly the ball hit Feddal at the goal line.

5- The referee: Not a good work by referee Santiago Jaime Latre, because he showed a different criterion to judge similar actions, but in this opportunity it cannot be said that it affected Depor, actually it can be said that the Galicians were favoured.

The penalty of Albentosa was a clear push inside the box and later there was another penalty inside Depor’s area as Guilherme pushed Theo Hernández and this time the referee didn’t want to see it. Depor were also favoured with the yellow cards, Borges should have been booked for a tough challenge at midfield during the first half, but the referee forgave a card that should have been his fifth on the season, later Guilherme committed two hard fouls when he was already booked and Latre could have shown a second yellow that was also forgiven.



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