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20 Feb 2017
Devastation, it was he feeling after the game, the coach admitted that his job is in danger, while Juanfran was the only player that wanted to talk to reporters.

Coach Gaizka Garitano admitted that this was a hard hit as he was commenting the game, “It’s logical, because this was a crucial game for us and we have lost.  I believe we were fine in the first half. We didn’t score a goal when we were fine. We had one or two very clear opportunities and it seems like a lie that the ball didn’t enter. Later we were worse in the second part and they scored the goal. We knew this was going to be a game of 1-0 or 0-1, like any other with Alavés and in the end the penalty decided the things. The true is that we didn’t take advantage when we had the chance.”

He was asked about the decline in the team’s performance during the second half, “We tried to keep attacking, we pulled Joselu too. What happened is that they were fast at the moment of stealing the ball. We tried to do the same things of the first half, we didn’t play well and didn’t attack as they defend pretty well. We knew the game was going to be defined with one goal and it felt at their side.”

The Basque man, who seemed tense during the press conference, admitted that he is a difficult situation, “I am in a difficult situation, because when a team loses the coach is in danger and I understand it. The true is that we made a first half similar to previous ones, but the ball didn’t want to enter. Later, in the second half, we weren’t so good and the goal damaged us. Later they are strong defending. It was harder to create in the second half, and it’s logical that people aren’t happy as we aren’t winning.”

But he was pointing that Depor need to move on and win the next game, “You can only stand up, football is like life. When you are knocked down like today you can only stand up. We must go to Leganés and win, because there are no secrets. You need to win as soon as possible. We must try to do it on next week. There are no more secrets: raise the head and try to leave the current situation.”

He was trying to explain the changes, “The hit affected us, the logical thing was to put a second forward, to move Çolak to the centre, but they are strong at the back and the true is that we weren’t fine as before. The balance fell at their side and later, with the 0-1, they defended pretty well.”

Finally, Garitano admitted that the public have the right to e upset with the team, “It’s totally logical. We all are upset because we lost, they are upset because we lost and I see logical to see them crying. It’s totally logical.”

A fact to have in mind is that the players didn’t want to face the public (only six stayed on the pitch after the final whistle) and neither the journalists, only Juanfran came to talk to reporters, “We are feeling hurt. Another defeat and another game without adding. We are worried as the situation is tight, the low teams are winning and later we will have difficult games. We need to fill the bag as later we will face harder games.” He said.

The right-back was desperate because Depor aren’t reacting, “I don’t want to talk of reaching the bottom, evidently we aren’t doing the right things, it’s evident that we are worried and it’s evident that we need more to get the results. I believe we didn’t play well, but it’s useless to play well, we cannot longer be talking of feelings, what I want is to win. We must get the results in any possible way, even the draws. We must try to admit the reality, that we are going to fight in order to avoid the relegation. The penalty isn’t an excuse, we cannot have excuses and realize that we are already at the bottom.”

It took several minutes to see someone else from Depor going out to talk to reporters, it was Luisinho as he was pushed by Rafa Carpacho [The club’s spokesman], “We knew it was difficult game before a rival that plays well. We had a first half in a good level, but weren’t fine in the second. It has been a while since the team was fine and the reaction of the public in normal, the team tries everything, but luck isn’t at our side.” He said.

About the upcoming game with Leganés, the Portuguese commented that, “I don’t say it’s a final, it’s a very important game, because we are in a difficult situation after this loss. We know that Leganés is difficult, but we must be positive, because if we don’t move forward then who will do it?”

German Lux talked to reporters on Sunday after the training session, he was apologizing because the team didn’t want to stay on the pitch after the final whistle, “We committed a mistake and it was talked where it must be talked. We can only apologize. It won’t happen again. We must be all together, all the fans were always there with us. We must be thankful with the fans, because we are no one without them. It won’t happen again. We are committed and must be respectful. We apologize and it won’t happen again.”

At Alavés, Mauricio Pellegrino was saying that it was difficult to get the points from the Riazor, “Depor created a lot of troubles in the first half with their players between the lines, we didn’t adjust well the pressure and in the second we were more solid, we controlled the situation and took advantage of the circumstances to claim the game. We had both feet on the ground and were hard enough to control the attack from the rival, even after the goal we had more opportunities than at the beginning.”



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