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19 Mar 2017
Depor’s coach is aware of the importance of the derby, and says that the main thing is to know how to compete. Celta’s trainer assured that he is ready to put a strong lineup despite their busy calendar.

Pepe Mel addressed the media on Saturday’s evening; he clarified that, despite the tests made during the last trainings, he hasn’t decided yet the lineup for the derby. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Last training at 6 PM: “The idea was to be all together and to go from here to dinner at the hotel. Besides, to train at the same hour of the game, though the latter isn’t important.”

Casualties for the derby: “Fernando [Navarro] has five yellows; Sidnei is injured. Then Marlos [Moreno] and Ola [John] are out.”

Starting lineup: “We’ve several alternatives. The important thing is that we have several players that can do the right things, also that I have many players for each position. The final decision at midfield will be made tomorrow, we still have the option to play with two men up front, both Andone and Joselu are responding, the same thing with the wingers. Tomorrow we will make the decision.”

Importance of the derby: “The environment is normal, you are playing against the neighbour, people want to see you hopeful. We also lost the first game with a big difference and now we will try to continue bringing joy. The derbies either put you at the top with the fans or make you start from zero again. We are coming from a good dynamic, winning the last two games in the calendar at El Molinón and before Barcelona. Besides, the players have recovered the self-esteem that they have lost. Now they have confidence and I hope they will show this before a rival doing a great job in Europe.”

Celta: “We respect them, they have great players, but we don’t think they are better than us. I am not waiting for a tired rival. They were better in their tie and have professional players that are prepared for this. They are already recovered and I don’t think the tiredness could a factor for their victory or defeat. I know how they play, I have played against Marcelo Bielsa and know how they play, Berizzo is a great disciple of Bielsa, and I always succeeded against him. The clear thing is that we need to use our resources knowing who is in front of us.”

Joselu: “It isn’t necessary to describe the ups and downs that he has lived on this season. The boy has found the perfect game for him against Barcelona. That’s good for me, because I now have two players for the same position, and I have to think if I should play with two strikers or not.”

Borges as playmaker: “I don’t like to play like this, as you noticed against Barcelona we were playing with a 4-1-4-1 when we didn’t have the ball. I sincerely think he adds great things at midfield and later can add things coming from the second line, so I am content with his work.”

New opportunity for the players that shone against Barca? “Of course I want to think about it, besides I told the men that we have seven game in April, it is too much and therefore I need all of them. If all of them are plugged, then the group will be the only winner. Tomorrow the seven men that are going to be out of the game must be thinking that they should demonstrate that they deserve to be on.”

Clearing the ghost of relegation: “I am insisting that the players should not be thinking of the relegation, but of playing the games. We must think of adding and be a protagonist in the league. In the Spanish La Liga you must try to be a protagonist despite not been Real Madrid and neither Barcelona, and you do that winning and competing. It is what they have done in these four games and we have the chance to do it again tomorrow.”

Pressure? “It is normal, I am coming from another derby in the north and it is similar; off course you have to win the derby, but before you need to compete, with the same intensity than the rival, feeling identified with the fans at the standings. If you do all those things we have good options of winning.”

Eduardo Berizzo addressed the media on Saturday’s noon. He emphasized that this isn’t a normal game and that his team is ready to pick up the victory at the Riazor. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Derby: “There are games that are more important than the rest and the derby is among these games. When the calendar is released we know that there are two games above the rest, both against Deportivo at home and on the road. We talked about leaving behind what happened in Krasnodar and to be focus in an important game like tomorrow’s one. We want a solid and strong starting team.”

Relaxed after the European triumph? “Everything related to this game, and what happened throughout the week, is motivating us. We always find a motivation in order to demand the best from us, and tomorrow’s game is among the highest motivations as it’s against the rival of our life. We also want to win.”

Rotations at the lineup? “We are focused in an important game. Whoever has to play again, that player must do it with all the consequences. We must play a serious and intense game. Some teams might be trying to recover players, while other will reinforce the physical work. For us the league is important and it will be great to find the way again to Europe. We will study tomorrow the team that’s going to play. We will present a strong team to face the derby.”

Tiredness after the trip to Russia “We had little time to prepare the game, but we know each other pretty well, we have mechanisms for the game, pressure and a plan for the match, that are the right ones and each time is less difficult to prepare a game in time. We had a good recovery after the trip to Krasnodar, we find it comfortable despite the distance.”

Deportivo: “They changed the dynamics, the state of mind, beyond a tactical change. The rival has reacted. We are waiting for an aggressive Deportivo and, in a derby, the errors are expensive. We need to find an emotional state in order to play as we want.”



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