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21 Mar 2017
Depor’s coach tried to explain the decisions that he made with the starting eleven, while the players felt sorry for the defeat. Celta’s coach emphasized the mental strength of his team.

Coach Pepe Mel was convinced that it was a derby defined by one success and one failure at both sides, “We are feeling screwed for the people, we wanted to offer the victory to the fans and it wasn’t possible. Apart from that it was a close game, a game for a draw. Celso [Borges] failed and Iago [Aspas] scored.”

He tried to defend the decision of playing with three centre midfielders at the starting formation, “We played in a similar way against Barca, the position of Álex was done as we didn’t want to live a situation of numeric disadvantage at midfield, because we were going to run behind the ball all the time, and in the end we had the clearest chance in the game, and Celta had one chance and scored, but I believe it was a game for the 0-0. I don’t remember any other chance for Celta and it was hard for us to chain passes. The entry of Carles Gil fixed some things, but the goal came soon.”

“Evidently you think of things as the game ends and you don’t win, you can think that you can have made other decisions, but it’s useless in football. What matters are the previous decisions. I insist that we knew they were going to play with three men at midfield and we didn’t want to be in numeric disadvantage, and the luck of the game was in two actions: the one we missed that was the 1-0, three times before the keeper, and their chance that was goal. The rest of the game was as we thought. We thought we could break the game in the second part with Carles [Gil], Emre [Çolak], Andone or Kakuta, people that can add other things and we missed to close that play.” He added.

The Madrilenians admitted that the team is feeling screwed but denied his previous idea that a defeat in the derby would mean to start from zero again, “Surely the players would have preferred to lose 0-1 before Barca and win 2-1 today. The points are the same, but the feelings are different. This is like this. We are now going into the break feeling screwed, in the next days, as we analyze what we have done since I have been here, we would realize that we have advanced a lot, and that ten games are ahead, we can lose once, but we didn’t want to lose this one.”

Finally, Pepe Mel is convinced that the next month is crucial for Deportivo, “The month of April is definitive in all the leagues, because it is when you are established for your goals, and this year we have seven games, so we need to have a strong squad.”

Álex Bergantiños didn’t like the result and neither the game practiced by both teams, “I believe it was an ugly game, we didn’t have the needed level and both teams weren’t precise with the ball. When we were stealing, we didn’t have the same precision compared to the game with Barcelona. We missed our clear chance, one that could have changed the match and it was an intense derby, but with less football by both teams.”

“These things happen, now we must analyze what failed and we’re still in the fight. Ten games are remaining and you cannot relax. This was a game to extend the difference, we didn’t do it and must continue working. It was an equal game, maybe for a 0-0.” He added.

Celso Borges was also feeling sorry for the defeat, “It’s tough to assimilate it; it is painful, but it also means that we are in the right way. It must be useful to see in what are we failing, now a break arrives and we must work in order to continue, the way isn’t over yet.”

The midfielder also analyzed his role as a playmaker in the game, “I was trying to support Joselu at the moment of reaching the area, we tried, but I believe our work wasn’t enough to clinch the victory. The coach decided this and we must respect it, we can only try to do our best.”

For Alejandro Arribas, a draw would have been the fairest result, “There was a chance for each side, but their keeper was fine and we allowed the goal. It was a pity as we were unable to add a point. Hopefully on next year we will be the ones celebrating.”

At RC Celta, Eduardo Berizzo was happy with the performance of his men, “You can notice that the passion and emotional aspect of this team is inexhaustible. The team understood that this game was transcendental, not only because it allows us to still fighting for Europe, but also for the rival that we were facing.”

“The pace was high and we had to play with intensity. We have given a demonstration of strength after the week we had. Depor had a great opportunity at the beginning of the second half, but when we had ours it appeared our main man. After the goal, the game forced us to a great physical effort, because we moved away from our goal.  To emerge victorious speaks of the great mental solidity of this team." He added.



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