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27 Mar 2017
Suffered victory for Deportivo B; the team missed the punch of previous games and only found the goal at the end of the meeting, just when the rival had been reduced to ten men.

Coach Cristobal Parrolo was still missing attacker Jardel due to injury reasons, he was joined on the sidelines by right-back Blas Alonso and winger Carlos López. The lineup was the same one that defeated SD Negreira on the previous weekend.

The draw was a 4-2-3-1, Álex Cobo was the starting goalie, Quique Fornos performed at the right side of the defence, Lucas Viña did it at the left, the centre-backs were Arnau Campeny and Nacho Monsalve. Edu Expósito and Álvaro Queijeiro were the centre midfielders, Borja Galán attacked from the left wing, Óscar García did it from the right, Manu Molina was the playmaker and Borja Domingo was the centre forward.

The rival was UD Barbadás; another team trying to survive in the league and that had only won three games on the road during this season. Coach Miki López built up a team on this season with several Portuguese players, among them Rodrigo Parreira, who is the top-scorer at the team (10 goals on the season). Alfredo Veiga had scored seven times and was also a starter in the game

Not a good game by Fabril, the team had a strong start, but missed punch and later was unable to break the deadlock imposed by a team that only lost the order after suffering an expulsion at the middle of the second part.

The first chance to score came at minute 5, it was a shot by Borja Galán that went out close to the far post of visiting goalie Borja González. UD Barbadás responded with a shot by Alfredo Veiga that was blocked by Álex Cobo (9’).

Deportivo B should have scored at minute 14, this after a lack of understanding between defender Lamelas and keeper Borja González, but neither Borja Domingo nor Manu Molina were able to seize the chance.

With the passage of the minutes the game became more balanced, the locals continued having the ball possession, but the chances to score were scarce. The continuous fouls also reduced the pace of the game, up to three times the doctors had to enter the field as someone was injured. For this reason, there were three minutes of added time in the first half.

One of the players that suffered the most was Óscar García, who was constantly fouled. The only opportunity to score in the rest of the first part was a cross by Borja Galán that Óscar missed at the goal line (40’).

Nothing changed for the second part as Fabril were still unable to break the deadlock, Óscar didn’t made a proper shot after a good cross from Borja Galán (60’). Two minutes later Borja Domingo headed the ball over the bar after a new cross from Galán.

Then, at minute 67, Alfredo Veiga was sent off at UD Barbadás. The winger collected a second yellow card for wasting time and Fabril were going to play with one more player for the last twenty minutes. It was a crucial fact that was going to change the game. Before Álex Corredera had replaced Borja Galán, who left the pitch injured.

The expulsion changed the game as Depor B started to find the same cracks of the first minutes, and the goal opportunities started to arrive. Manu Molina had a good chance with a strong shot that was deflected by Borja González (70’). Eight minutes later Queijeiro attempted a shot from the edge of the area that was blocked by visiting keeper.

And then Fabril finally found the goal, Jorge Carreón had replaced Manu Molina and three minutes later he released a cross from the right, Edu Expósito found the ball at the far post to score his fifth goal on the season.

Hugo Rama replaced Óscar in the last change in the game, nothing happened in the final ten minutes as the visiting team only created some danger in a lateral free-kick that was cleared by the defence.

Not a good game by a Deportivo B as the team missed the punch of previous results, but it’s the seventh straight victory and the seventh straight clean sheet for the lads. And with Rápido de Bouzas failing the distance with the second place is now eight points with only seven games remaining.

The defence also tied the best mark of this century with seven straight games without conceding a goal (Tercera season 2005/06; matchdays 7-13). On next weekend Racing Club Villalbés visit Abegondo, it’s a direct rival for the promotion spots that’s in a bad moment after losing four of their last six games. 

Deportivo B: (4-2-3-1) Alex Cobo – Fornos, Arnau, Monsalve, Lucas -  Edu Expósito, Queijeiro - Borja Galán (Corredera 65’), Manu Molina (Carreón 76’), Óscar (Hugo Rama 85’) – Borja Domingo.
Barbadás; (4-2-3-1) Borja - Oli, Germán, Geno, Martín - Lamelas (Luis 50’), Cassio - Nespereira (Eric 74’), Bruno (Pablo 83’), Alfredo - Rodrigo
Goal: 1-0: (80’) Edu Expósito
Referee: Lui Lois Carro. He showed yellow card to Oli (22’), Borja Domingo (41’), Borja Galán (65’), Germán (65’) & Nespereira (67’). Alfredo was sent off with two yellow cards (55’ & 67’)
Venue: Abegondo (300)




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