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23 Apr 2017
Depor’s coach knows that he needs rotations and calls to the unity among the players in order to face the next week. Real Sociedad’s manager is expecting a last push in order to enter into European positions.

Pepe Mel addressed the media on Saturday’s noon. He confirmed that the plan is to continue on next season if the permanence is achieved, he also said that the whole team must understand that the goal can only be achieved with the help of all the players and not only eleven or twelve men. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Renewal for next season: “I am a person based in feelings. I believe the contracts are fine for many things, but later both sides need to be content. And I believe the president said this. We are pulling Depor out of the trouble and nothing says it won’t be like that. If the president said it then it’s wonderful, but I am focused in the game at San Sebastián. There is a contract in which it says that I will continue if we achieve the permanence.”

Bad season according to the president: “In the moment you take a role you have to make yours the bad and the good things that were made before. I agree with the president. Sincerely I believe that Depor could have done better. We cannot be content only achieving the permanence. I believe we should be aggressive with our planning.”

Twenty players in the roster for the game: “Only one men would have been left out and I prefer to have all of us together, someone can be sick… I have the clear idea of the eleven men that will play.”

Mosquera: “Pedro has to stop, it is ungrateful, but I believe it’s the right thing, first thinking of the player. It’s a pity for the confidence that I have in him, but he needs to be 100% ready, if he isn’t fit then the best thing is to not have him.”

Relief after the game against Málaga: “I expect the team will match the intensity of Real Sociedad since minute one, because Real Sociedad are playing for Europe and cannot fail, which makes them very dangerous. It’s in their hands to return to Europe, and in the middle we have this game. If we cannot match that will then we will suffer a lot.”

Position at the standings: “For me it’s not the same to end third or fourth, thirteenth or fourteenth. In professional football everything adds things, it means more or less money. The professionals must understand that if we want improvements it is passing through the fact of doing the right things on the field. Besides, you left with the last impression that you give, and I want to go to the beach having the feeling that we worked hard.”

Busy week in la liga: “We knew we needed at least twenty players to compete well, not only twelve or thirteen. So, we will use the team that we have, starting tomorrow, later on Wednesday and then in the crucial game at Pamplona.”

Juanfran: “He is a great lad and wants to improve. He wants to grow and it’s good to see him been ambitious, and we need to demonstrate this on the field.”

Joselu: “Everyone has the right to make mistakes, he admitted his error, so he is demonstrating that he wants to help. He is a player that will support us and will give his best in the games.”

Problems at midfield: “We need to be stronger, we must try to see Real Sociedad not feeling comfortable. As you see Edu [Expósito] is in for the second time, which is good news, and I hope that he will help the club in the near future. We cannot make a game with a back a forth battle.”

Less habitual players: “I talked to the players about it, it is impossible to get an outcome in ten games with only thirteen or fifteen players, we need twenty. As you know, we have been unable to repeat a lineup, for many reasons, tactical and suspensions, and this is the right moment to see the players reclaiming a spot. But it has been like this since my arrival, people like Laure, Bergantiños, Pedro Mosquera and Fayçal Fajr were protagonists against Atlético Madrid. They must be making a step forward.”

The salvation on next weekend: “I hope to announce the salvation after the game in Pamplona, it will be a humble goal, because I believe we must be ambitious for the future. “

Eusebio Sacristán addressed the media on Friday’s noon. He is expecting that his team will make a last sacrifice in order to qualify to the Europa League. The following is a summary of the things he said.

The chances for the Europa League: “We are no longer making calculations, because it’s worthless. Six games are remaining and what we want is to win them all, but for now we are only focused in the next rival, who we respect a lot. We want to live happy and special moments with this club. What Celta are living is pretty and we also want to live it. But in order to do it, the best thing is to be focused in these games.”

Players’ motivation: “I like the declarations from the players, because they are following the path that we want, they are focused in each game that’s arriving. They should remain focused and I see the team with the needed skills to achieve the goal.”

Imanol Agirretxe: “He is happy and we are happy to see that he is already training. He isn’t able to complete all the exercises and we are cautious. The clear thing is that his quality remains the same. It’s a joy to have him and there are no deadlines regarding his return.”

Deportivo: “Surely they are coming with that idea of certifying a goal that’s close. Let’s see if this calm can affect them, but we are thinking that we will face the best version of Depor. We must respect Deportivo, because they have good players, with fast transitions in attack, a solid pair at midfield, crosses from the wings and the speed of Florin Andone.”

The 5-1 loss at the Riazor: “They knew how to punish us. We were coming after making a great game against Barca and they forced us to put both feet on the ground. It should be a lesson to us. We know where they are strong and we must have it in mind.”

Pepe Mel: “With Mel they sought for a reaction regarding the points, and they achieved it, because they wanted to leave those complicated positions, something they are about to fulfil. Garitano and Mel are great coaches.”



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