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25 Apr 2017
The chaos in the transition defence-attack allowed to witness one of the worst games on the season for Deportivo, the defence had problems at the beginning, but later denied one of the most powerful offences in la liga.

The six notes from the game at Real Sociedad:

1- Blocked roads: Pepe Mel complained after the game that his team never found the way to the opposite goal as the passing lanes were blocked and as his attackers were receiving the ball when they were backwards the goal. Indeed, Depor never found the way to the local area, mainly because too many passes were missed, and some of them allowed the counterattack from the rival. The passing ratio was only 74%, which has been a constant in recent games. The lack of ideas and fluency provoked to see the team only competting one shot on target in the entire match.

2- Problems for the midfielders: Part of the offensive problem was related to the lack of depth by the centre midfielders. Neither Álex Bergantiños nor Celso Borges were distributing the ball to launch the attacks. Álex only completed six passes in the attacking third, while Borges only completed nine of twelve attempts in the same sector on the field. At the same time the duo was failing at the moment of intercepting the rivals, combined they only made three interceptions. As a way of comparison Luisinho made seven.

3- No aids from the side defenders: The offensive problem was bigger due to the lack of participation from the side defenders. Juanfran is used to be an output on the right side, but this time he barely joined the attacks (his only appearance was the cross that was headed on target by Borges). He only completed four passes in the attacking third and only one of them was to a partner located in a more advanced position. In the case of Luisinho, he was busier covering Xabi Prieto and Carlos Vela, because Real Sociedad focused its attack on the side defended by the Portuguese left-back.

4- Only one shot on target: The fans had to wait until minute 85 in order to see Deportivo completing a shot on target. It was a header of Borges after a cross from Juanfran. The previous opportunity with Deportivo only having one shot on target in a liga game was in the 1-1 draw at UD Las Palmas (January 20). At the time Andone scored the equalizer at the Estadio de Gran Canaria seizing the only shot on target for the Galicians after been assisted by Çolak.

5- Poor game by Çolak: There has been some criticism towards Pepe Mel for not using Emre Çolak in recent games, but the Turkish was starter in this opportunity and offered one of his worst games on the season. He never gave a key pass and his eleven successful passes in the attacking third were always searching for a partner located at the wing, never searching to Andone at the centre to break the defensive line. He was replaced at minute 69 as Mel switched the draw into a 4-4-2.

6- Relaxation at the start: The major part of the problem was located in offense, but the defence repeated a recent habit: to start the games distracted. Pepe Mel complained in the past that his team is used to give too many concessions within the first thirty minutes, in this match the defence had already conceded three chances to score after only ten minutes, including a header from Xabi Prieto after only ten seconds. Later the defensive work improved, to the point that Real Sociedad didn’t complete a shot on target after minute 35, only the attempt of Sergio Canales that hit the post (86’).



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