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26 Apr 2017
Depor’s coach is aware that his team has problems in the positioning on the field and announced changes at the lineup. Zidane believes the team is fit to face the tough calendar in the last stretch of the season.

Pepe Mel addressed the media on Tuesday’s noon; he was explaining why Deportivo are failing with its game and announced changes for the meeting against Real Madrid. The following is a summary of the things he said.

State of the team: “The good thing from playing against Barcelona or Madrid is that everyone is reactivated, everyone wants to be there and Depor’s players aren’t the exception. Everyone wants to be available, you already know that Pedro Mosquera isn’t ready, everybody else is available.”

The problems at Anoeta: “You cannot forget the bad things, you have notes that cannot pass unnoticed, because it can happen again. We have a clear picture with the defects and have already started to fix it. The clear thing is that the situation at the standings is forcing us to pay attention to other things. It’s not a problem of attitude, but of the movement of the ball. We have errors in the positioning. The player having the ball, instead of having three passing lanes, they have nothing and therefore they have to run more of what they should, therefore we cannot say that there’s a lack of attitude, the problem is that they run too much and they run badly, because they run when they shouldn’t be running. We lose the ball too easily and it means an advantage for the rival. It is a matter of position and what I should do is to show them the way.”

Changes at the lineup? “I believe that, at least, we will have four changes, because we need to refresh the team, like the rest of teams we have three games in the week and it will be illogical to play the games with the same starting eleven, mainly for the physical situation.”

What to do tomorrow? “We have to win, we are only thinking of the three points. We know the rival that’s in front of us and know that they also need the three points, but we need to show things in front of our people. I’m hoping to see a different Depor.”

Real Madrid: “I guess they want to win too, the side winning with this situation is the spectator, because we need the three points and they also need the three points, therefore we will try to hammer them taking in mind their weaknesses, though these defects are only a few. When you play against the big ones there are more virtues than defects, so that’ why it’s harder to beat them.”

Casualties at Real Madrid: “For me Isco, Morata and Lucas Vázquez are great players… James too. If these men play… they went through with the game at Leganés and played fine against Sporting Gijón. They are high level players and are at Real Madrid. It doesn’t bring tranquillity to see these players performing in the position of the others. I am not in the head of Zizou, but I would give him an advice: to remember that next Wednesday they face Atlético and they won’t concede too much, so I wouldn’t bring too many players for this game.”

Latest results: “Obviously the results reinforce what you do, it is what brings confidence, but since the state of mind is important in football the best thing is to make a good game against a giant club. We did it against Atlético and Barcelona, so we can do it too against Real Madrid.”

Reserving players for the game at Osasuna? “We aren’t in a situation to reserve players. If I would have done that against Atlético Madrid and Barcelona, then what would have happened? If I do this now then I would be telling the players to skip this game.”

The fans are frustrated: “No matter how the season ends, it isn’t to be content and neither proud. Starting with me, no matter I will only make fifteen games, I am not content. I wanted much more and aren’t content with the performance that I am getting. People are smart and the public must try to encourage the players, later they can express their opinion. They must support us tomorrow and in the next games, later we must work to see the public enjoying.”

Zinedine Zidane addressed the media on Tuesday’s noon; he didn’t want to give clues about the team that will face Deportivo, but assured that his players are fit to face the tough calendar. The following is a summary of the thing he said.

Moment after the defeat against Barcelona: "The team is in good shape. We’ve now got the match tomorrow and we’re only thinking about the Riazor. We are focused on what we have to do. We will try to give everything and get the three points."
Varane: "We’ll see tomorrow if he’s going to play against Deportivo. He is fine, he has trained normally and tomorrow you’ll see."
Bale’s injury: "He hurt himself. We’re gutted and so is he. He was 100%, ready as he confirmed it in training before the game. He trained normally and then picked up the new injury, but it is something that cannot be avoided. He wasn’t in pain; there was nothing to worry about. The important thing is that there’s clarity between the two of us, and I trust what the players tell me. He hurt himself and we cannot be happy. It's a little thing."
The defeat in the clásico: "These things happen. Three points were at stake and tomorrow we have three new points to fight for. We’re only thinking about tomorrow. It now seems that Barcelona will win the League and we aren’t worth anything, but I know perfectly well that this isn’t true. I tell my players that we don’t have to change anything in what we’re doing. We must continue with our mentality: working hard and moving forward. I'm not going to change anything."
The league: "I feel forced to give our best in every game and that’s our obligation. In football you can’t speculate. The reality is the day to day and everything is in our hands: we have destiny in our hands. We will try to do our best to win tomorrow."
Physical state of the squad: "I don’t think we're tired. Against Barcelona and Bayern I saw that the team was very well in a physical sense."
Criticism: "We need to be above the criticism. When we play well, we are happy because they
speak well of Real Madrid, and when we lose we have to accept criticism."



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