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07 May 2017
Depor’s coach continues to admit that the team is in debt with the fans, he announced changes due to the casualties and also admitted that Luisinho will miss the game.

Pepe Mel addressed the media on Saturday’s noon. Once again, he was saying that the team is in debt with the fans, after the latest results, while he confirmed the injury of Luisinho that will allow the debut of Monsalve with the first team. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Luisinho: “We will rush the remaining time that we have, let’s see how is he tomorrow. We will make a late test at the hotel, but at this point the feeling is that he won’t be available. We had bad luck in this subject. The doctor said that it could be a knee sprain and, if it is like that, then he is ruled out of the game, but with our current problems in those positions we will wait until tomorrow.”

Lineup for the game: “We had a plan according to the alternatives. What I want to say is that I’ve plenty of confidence in the eleven men that will play. Many times you asked me about the lads from the academy and I said that I trust them, no we have two at the roster and one of them might play since the beginning.”

New matchday, new lineup: “The true is that it has been hard to repeat the team, between the injuries and suspensions… you know that Sidnei was injured, Raúl [Albentosa] was with four yellows, now Luisinho is falling. We will try to fix the situation and it isn’t an excuse to try to do the right things.”

Mental state: “Our problem is that we weren’t able to make the job before, for the rest nine points remain in dispute and we are eight points above the problem, so there’s no drama. What happens is that in professional sports until something is secure there’s some fear, but we face these games with the optimism of the situation. “Our goal is to try to add the major part of the points. The first thing was to close the permanence and nine points are at stake. It’s a lot and we will try to add them.”

Debt with the fans: “We understand that the fans see that, after defeating Málaga, we only added the point at Pamplona and it’s understandable to see them disappointed. That’s why tomorrow’s appointment is important in order to give back the support, with a lot of people traveling to Pamplona and with more than 20,000 persons always at the Riazor. I believe that tomorrow we have a good chance to give back a lot of that.”

“We, the coaching staff and the players, are in debt with all the people that followed us throughout this year. They were expecting for more and, unfortunately, we weren’t able to correspond. It is important to end with good feelings and therefore this is an exam for everybody. Beyond the results, I want to leave with the feeling that people did a good job.”

Kakuta: “Nothing happens with him, only that I think that these players are the right ones to face the game. Obviously, we have a plan, which is to use three players at midfield, which forces me to have an extra man on the bench, while we have enough players for the wings, and among the wingers I have to leave someone out, and you don’t need to look beyond that. I only think that Kakuta had his chances and probably tomorrow that chance will be for Ola [John].”

Ola John “I believe he is training pretty well, he ads things when he goes out to the field and this could be his moment. The players don’t know the lineup yet, but he is a serious option for tomorrow.  In that position we played with Fayçal, Kakuta and Marlos, different situations and in the end everybody participates, but we need to fix this and play the games with the players that are in the better condition for the game.”

Espanyol: “It’s a very complicate team. For me it’s more complicated when it plays on the road, because it suits its playing style. They have two lines of four men that are close to each other, with two men upfront, they have good transitions moving forward and backwards, then they are good in set-pieces with Jurado, Piatti, Reyes and David López, who are good in the aerial game. Quick players like Leo and Gerard [Moreno]. It is a complete team. They won’t give anything for free.” 

Ending with good feelings: “The rational thing, if they tell me the day of my presentation, that at this day we would be eight points above the pit, then I would have said that it’s fine. Then we have the feelings, and sincerely I understand the people. As a fan, I would also expect more from this Depor. It’s part of our debt. In these three games people should go to the summer thinking that this team did well.  In this Depor I found people that want to work ahead of the future, people that want to fix many things, among the subjects the economy and, beyond this season, the future is promising for Deportivo.“

Quique Sánchez Flores addressed the media on Saturday’s noon. He assured that his team is willing to keep competing until the end and hinted change at the lineup. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Games left to compete: "We think it's very interesting, it's worth to keep the competitive instict, it has been like this the whole season, not to distinguish if the points are important, the pleasure of competing and doing well. Continuously laying the foundation of the coming season. "

Changes at the starting eleven: "It's an idea that goes around, there are two or three situations that I want to see in the competition, we will not take things from the team, we are somewhat limited by the type of proposal that I would like to see. We don’t have replacements for the positions that I would like to move. "

What changes? "I would like to see Diego Reyes in the middle of the field, it would be interesting to know how it works in the middle, but I don’t know how we can do it."

Escalating at the standings: "We always want to be in the best possible situation, for the economic interests of the club, to give the best".

Deportivo: "We always look for those nuances that we would look in we were in their case. Beyond that they can be saved, in the last game they left unsatisfied and they will want to make the best match. It will measure a lot the mentality of the player ".

Motivation: "We want to compete and it will measure each of us, we want to repeat what we have done so far, there are many teams that have stopped competing for some time.”



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