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16 May 2017
One of the strongest defences on the season, but at the same time one of the thinnest offences of Deportivo in the campaign. Villarreal CF failed in their tactic as the major part of their crosses didnít met the target.

The five notes of the game at Villarreal CF:

1- Solid defence: This was the eighth clean sheet on the season (fifth in 2017) and it came after Depor dropped points in recent games for committing defensive errors, mainly at the start of the matches. This time the team was focused since the kick-off and the defence was solid as there were only a few mistakes, the important thing is that these mistakes were immediately fixed and didnít cost goal opportunities, like the ball that Guilherme lost at the middle of the second half, it provoked a counterattack by Villarreal CF, but Navarro was quick enough to regain the ball before the rival reached the edge of the area. No mistakes, no goals allowed.

2- The sin of Villarreal: the crosses: The goalless draw was not only possible for the solid defence of Deportivo, but also for the wrong offensive tactic of Villarreal CF. And itís that the Valencians relied too much in the crosses into the area, one of their weakest departments. In this game they released 41 crosses and only 8 met the target, one of them the corner that Bruno headed out when he was alone at the box. Also, they showed an unusual lack of aim. In the match they completed 21 shots, but only 4 were on target, as example the incredible chance misses by Bakambu at the end of the game when he sent the ball out trying to cross Lux from the box. So, the 66% ball possession that the locals had in this match was simply useless.

3- Weak attack: If Depor presented a strong defence in this game, then it coincided with one of the weakest attacks seen on this campaign. The Galicians only completed three shots in the match, only one on target. «olak wasnít drilling key passes to Andone and the wingers barely touched the ball, Ola John only touched the ball in 26 opportunities before been replaced at minute 62. Depor also failed with the crosses as none of the 13 attempts made in the game met the target.

4- Navarro & Juanfran: With the offensive players disappeared, the output of the ball was relying in the side defenders, so Juanfran (55) and Navarro (53) ended as the players with more touches in the field. They were also key in defensive tasks anticipating the rivals and clearing the danger, Navarro was the player with more clearances (7).

5- Third longest period at Primera: Despite the golden years, Deportivoís periods at Primera Divisiůn have been short, the point added in the game allows the club to live a fourth straight year at the elite. It doesnít seem like a long period at the top tier, but itís already the third longest period in the history of Deportivo, only behind the nine years lived between the campaigns 1948/49 & 1956/57, plus the twenty years between the seasons 1991/92 & 2010/11.



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