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16 May 2017
The players liberated the tension after the drama of the previous weeks, while Depor’s coach confirmed that he wants to continue on next season.

Pepe Mel started his press conference thanking the fans for their support, “In the first place, I want to thank the fans that came here, also the fans that stayed in A Coruña. They always supported us, in bad and good moments, they were always there, so I thank them in the name of the players. Later, this means a lot for the club, in the economic aspect, it is only viable if they stay at Primera. The board works hard in order to keep the team at Primera División. And if we don’t’ add things in the field then we were going to fail to many people.”

Later he analysed the game, “We defended pretty well, but later it was hard to go out and attack. We did the merits to deserve the draw, but little to deserve the victory. Football has two lines: defend and attack. We defended well and had a hard time attacking. We achieved the point by our own merits.”

The Madrilenian manager confessed that everyone was pending of the other results, “There was an order to avoid knowing the results of other games, but you know that it’s impossible. Football is like a hairdressing full of ladies and we ended knowing everything. We knew that Sporting were winning, so everyone was shacking and that responsibility didn’t allow us to attack. We only missed to be sat at the stands in San Mamés. Within the joy, we must think of the future and fix mistakes, and if we comeback to Villarreal in the penultimate matchday it shouldn’t be searching the salvation, but looking for other goals.”

Mel was also expressing his desire to continue on next season, “If I won’t continue I guess they will tell me soon. But I am positive. The clear thing in my mind is to have the opportunity to start with Depor since the beginning, and not to arrive in an emergency situation. We caught the team in a difficult situation and we are calm as we fulfilled the goal.”

The players celebrated the performance on the pitch of Estdio De La Cerámica, later they talked to reporters and had different reactions. Florin Andone was so happy that he made a Facebook live from the changing room, later, more serene, he talked to reporters, “The draw allowed the salvation and it’s allowing a new year at the elite. It wasn’t a good season, but the good thing is that we are saved.”

About the game, the Romanian attacker said that, “We needed to defend at the back and be united, we couldn’t allow the attacks from Villarreal and seize the counterattack, but it was very complicated. In the end we clinched a point that grants the continuity at Primera.”

Meanwhile, Fernando Navarro had a different reaction as he admitted that the permanence isn’t something to be celebrated with enthusiasm, “The best thing from the season, despite been bad, it’s that it meant to continue one more year at Primera. It isn’t a season to see people proud of us. It was very bad. It cannot be a party for the permanence. It’s more a relief.”

Carles Gil commented that, “For us it was a happy day, it happened what helped us. We knew that strange things could happen, so we tried since the start. They locked us in the game, but we were strong enough to get the draw, so we are very happy. I believe that that this was one of the games in which I touched the ball in lesser opportunities, but the game needed to be like this.”

German Lux emphasised the low percentage of ball possession by Depor, “We can finally say that we achieved the goal, the true is that better times will come to make a further analysis, but the team made a good game. The rival managed the ball the whole time, we had the ball only in some minutes, but we are content for clinching the goal.”

The Argentine goalie knows that the team didn’t fulfil the fans’ expectations, “We didn’t close the goal before and we know that we didn’t fulfil the expectations, so we apologize because we didn’t bring enough joys. The team wasn’t fine and that’s the reality. There were three teams that made things worse and it’s good to see Depor having a new year at Primera.”

At Villarreal CF; Fran Escribá wasn’t content with the result, “I am satisfied with the work and sacrifice of the team. We did everything in order to win, but it wasn’t possible. Depor came with the mission of been locked at the back and we were unable to surpass them. We don’t like the draw, but at least it allows us to depend on ourselves in the last matchday. If we beat Valencia then we don’t need to look at other fields.”



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