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17 Jun 2017
Deportivo’s president talked of signings and the situation of the club, he said that a signing could be announced on next week, while the situation with the debt remains the same.

Tino Fernández answered questions from reporters during an act in which the club celebrated the socios that completed twenty-five years subscribed to the club. He talked about signings and the financial situation of Deportivo. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Guilherme: “We said before that we wanted him and we completed the operation through some interesting instalments for us. We must thank Udinese as they were flexible with the conditions.”

Juanfran’s option with Watford: “The instructions that were given was to complete the paperwork, I don’t know if it was already made or not, but for me it is made. We gave green light to it.”

Upcoming signing: “We are searching in a general sense, we’re working in many fronts. The market is a little slow and a little expensive. Segunda División isn’t finished yet. There’s some operation that we could be announcing on next week. Some won’t be closed on this week, so maybe on the next one.”

Lux’s future: “When we have a decision then it’s communicated, first to the person that’s involved. If we haven’t informed about this it is because we are thinking of it.”

The debt: “We are cleaning the debt and we are going to achieve it. Our main asset is the people, we aren’t investors and that makes us different. The club is working in the restructuring of an important debt, about 93 million euros, of which 47 million are in the short-term and it’s tighten more, but it’s a club success having paid 19.2 million euros this year and each time the club is stronger.”

Negotiations with the banks for the debt: “We are still working, I believe we have advanced, but until it’s closed we cannot announce anything. Hopefully it can be fixed during the summer market, because if we resolve this later then it won’t have any effect. In any case, we aren’t close yet.”

Economic situation: "The desire of all the shareholders is to live more peacefully, of all those who are attending to the stadium. Deportivo are economically and sportingly below their social status, I say it for the people who go to the field, for the season subscribers we have, the television audience, we are the eighth, the seventh or the ninth in those scales but not at the standings. We are a different club, because despite been in the largest bankruptcy case in Spanish football, we are Deportivo.” 




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