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29 Jun 2017
Insua and Sidnei could leave in operations that could mean €13.5 million for Deportivo, while the club has presented an offer for Argentine Alexander Barboza.

The centre of the defence seemed to be one of the best covered zones in the team of next season, with Raúl Albentosa, Alejandro Arribas and Sidnei Rechel fighting for a spot in the past campaign, and with the return of Pablo Insua and Róber Pier after their loan spells.

But things are turning to be interesting during the summer window, the offers for Sidnei and Insua are moving the club to search for a new signing in a position in which no reinforcements were expected. Sidnei remains missing a EU-passport and the reports of a big offer coming for China are constant, an offer that could bring €10 million to the club.

At the same time, Schalke 04 is pushing hard for Insua, they are offering €3.5 million plus bonuses. For the moment the club hasn’t accepted the offer, but the media understands that the player is keen to play in the Bundesliga.

A possible exit of Sidnei is allowing the signing of a new centre-back, the club has three candidates and the main choice seems to be Argentine Alexander Barboza. A 22-year-old player that belongs to River Plate and that would cost €2 million. The media in Argentine confirmed that the offer was presented and his agent even told to La Voz de Galicia that the case should be resolved in a matter of 24 or 48 hours.

Meanwhile, the possible exit of Insua is blocking a new exit on loan of Róber. He is eager to return to CD Levante, side that was already negotiating for the ex-Fabril in a loan deal that would include buyout and re-buyout options. For the moment Deportivo won’t allow this exit until the case with Insua is decided.



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