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28 Aug 2017
The coach was disappointed with the performance of the team and even said that Levante was the side that deserved the win. The players were also unimpressed with their work.

Pepe Mel wasn’t content at all with the performance of his team, “I am sincere and say what I think. Obviously, the penalty wasn’t, but if a side deserved to win on here it was Levante. So, I repeat, it wasn’t penalty and if a side deserved to win it was Levante. We didn’t understand the game well. We knew that Levante were going out for us, and we wanted to use the speed of Cartabia and Fede Cartabia, and in the few times we did it we created harm. We were imprecise and too slow moving the ball. These are things to notice, because if you put on the field a team in order to have the ball and later you don’t have it, then you suffer a lot.”

“The feelings today… the other day we lost 0-3 with Real Madrid and I had good feelings with the team, today we got a point and it was the opposite. We were unable to make two straight passes, and we never did it in zones where we could create harm. We studied them against Villarreal and we didn’t fulfill the plans. We didn’t have the ball and they suffer when they don’t have it. Beyond the penalty, the true is that we weren’t fine.” He added.

The Madrilenian was at least emphasizing the performance of Adrián and Rubén Martínez, “Andone was tired and we replaced him with Bruno Gama, so Adrián was moved forward. He and Rubén are the two positive things from today’s game. To have him with the skills to help us. We should have pressed Levante when they were with ten, this in order to see them clearing the ball, but this is only the second matchday and we need to fix some things. The things to emphasize is the performance of Rubén and the minutes of Adrián. The bad things were the penalty and that we weren’t fine.”

Fede Cartabia scored the first goal in the game, he was commenting that, “We were coming from a difficult game, it was positive at the start and we need to fix things, because if you lose the attention winning 0-2 on the road, then it happens what it happened. We had our chances and tried to score more, but they went in after the goal in a free-kick.”

“Winning 0-2 we need to be smarter, we need to correct these errors, because the league is very long. In Primera División, if we are committing errors, the rivals pass over you. The plan was to go out in the counterattack and be together, in the second part we had one of two chances to score the 1-3, but these are things of football.” The Argentine added.

Rubén Martínez was the best player for Depor, he commented that, “We are leaving with a worked point, they were only able to score in set- pieces, it also counts evidently. We need to polish details, but you cannot criticize the effort of the team.”

Asked if this performance is a redemption for him, the goalie answered that, “It doesn’t mean anything to me. The same with the error in the past game. After this game things are the same for me. In the end after dropping two points as we were winning 2-0 you end thinking what should have been done different. But a point is always a point playing on the road.”

President Tino Fernández was also at the stadium, he was asked about the rumor coming from France that Depor had signed Diego Rolán, but he only said that, “When the market is closed we will explain all the operations, for now I am not going to talk. We continue with the same plan, until Friday we still have time and we are still in for Lucas.”

About the game, he commented that, “I believe we conceded more opportunities to then than against Real Madrid, it is the surprising part. We got a point at least, and the taste is regular, because we had a two-goal advantage. “

At Levante UD, coach Juan Ramón López Muñiz was emphasizing the effort of his men, “Football is football, they arrived once and it was goal, arrived a second time and it was goal, but the team never lost the hope searching for the tie and we must be satisfied and content for a complete game. We surpassed the rival, but this is football and were unable to win.”



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