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10 Sep 2017
Depor’s coach wants to forger last season’s big win, while Real Sociedad’s boss wants to see his players remembering the lesson. Mel confirmed that Tytoń will be a starter and also hinted a 4-4-2 lineup.

Pepe Mel addressed the media on Saturday’s noon. The Madrilenian coach gave the impression that the lineup for the game will be a 4-4-2 and hinted the participation of some men, including keeper Tytoń. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Last season’s win over Real Sociedad: “We haven’t talked to the players about it. Each season is different, each game is different despite been the same rival.  Truly it was the game in which we clinched the biggest win, but the rival will be different now, we are different and therefore the game will be different.”

Lucas and Pantilimon: “Both aren’t in the same level than the rest, especially Lucas. Lucas is like the case of Adrián, he needs the time of pre-season that he didn’t have. We cannot risk and lose Lucas in the first game. We need him for the rest of the season, not only for the game with Real Sociedad. Lucas is on the roster as we understand that he can bring good minutes and goal.”

Borges and Valverde: “They didn’t train with us for two weeks, they just worked with the group today. Both are important players that are coming from doing a good job, Borges is fresher as he is used to make the trip. Fede was a little asleep, but is young and is a player that must be near in order to help.”

 Game Vs. Real Sociedad: “Tomorrow the team will try to do the right things, later this is a game and you don’t have control over some issues, but Depor must go out in order to dominate the actions.”

Good mood among the fans: “The president is smart and the number 7 shirt was reserved since the start, all of this brings hope, but what counts is Deportivo La Coruña. The number 7 is coming in order to help and we cannot put all the pressure over him. There are 25 players, plus the ones from Fabril.”

Çolak out of the roster: “The federation only allows me to have eighteen players. If Valverde wasn’t in the list, then you would be asking for him. What I can tell you is that I had to choose for the offensive positions, we have four midfielders, Celso, Pedro [Mosquera], Fede and Guile [Guilherme]. Then for the attacking positions we have Bakkali, Adrián, Lucas and Andone. With all those players, we are covered.”

Mosquera and Guilherme: “They can do a great job, and you have to remember that the other two centre midfielders didn’t train with us until the last 48 hours. But my idea is to always administrate the position taking in mind the different styles.”

Real Sociedad is the leader: “It doesn’t mean anything; the important thing is what they are. Real play in the same way, because they have the same players and the same coach. This issue always brings good things, never bad things. It’s what every entity must aspire: to keep the block guided by the same leader.”

The referees: “We have two lesser points, because Levante tied a game with a penalty that wasn’t. I believe we need to take care the issue of the referees as a club. We are a team that’s more affected than favored, but they don’t have an easy job and can make mistakes.”

The system to be used in the games: “I want two players up front, two men on the sides bringing unbalance, plus two men at the middle adding criterion. Two centre midfielders with a different profile, this week the issue is difficult due to the situation with Celso and Fede. Then a defensive line that plays by memory. With all this we can make changes due to the characteristics of the rival. We should be able to change the system with only one order.”

Tytoń will be a starter: “The common sense, the justice, and many things are telling me that Tytoń should play. I am content with Pantilimon, I believe he raises the level. Competiveness is good. But Pantilimon has only completed two trainings with us, so the normal thing is to have Tytoń playing tomorrow.”

Eusebio Sacristán conceded his press conference on Friday’s noon; he wants to avoid the performance of last season after losing 1-5 at the Riazor, and hopes to battle in three fronts with Real Sociedad also playing the Europa League. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Deportivo: "It will be a complicated game, against a rival that, although in these two matches it only achieved a tie, conveys that they are happy with their incorporations. They have good feelings and we need to be alert. Depor have their virtues, they seize the speed of their attackers. Last year we suffered a very big blow and this has to be a touch of attention for us. To continue competing as we are doing, we need to compete equally. We need maximum concentration, maximum attention and the conviction that. at our best level, we are a strong team.”

“It’s a team that has danger in their attacking players. They are able, in a very practical way, to create problems, because it has determining people. We need to prevent them from connecting, to gain our backs. Respect that they play at home, before their fans, who are happy with players that in the past have given very good performances. We must try to take the match to our side, work well defensively to be able to make good pressure and cut the connection with their strikers. And then with that control that we have in the games, if we take it to that ground, then we should have a lot of determination in front of the goal to be able to seize the chances. "

Casualties for the game: "Ruben [Pardo] and Juanmi have trained normally, Oyarzabal hasn’t participated in the trainings, he has an inflamed ankle and has discomfort. We will see tomorrow how he is. The feeling is that it’s very difficult that he can be for Sunday."

Last year’s big loss at the Riazor: "That's what I wanted to convey. If you're not concentrated to the maximum, it's not worth what you've done in the past, but what you do now. We are preparing the game well and we respect a lot the virtues of the rival, we must stop it and put our virtues on the field.”

The team after the summer market: "I am very happy and proud of the squad that we have. In the summer, we have analyzed everything we needed. The people who have come plus who have come from Sanse [Real Sociedad B] will come very well and the squad is balanced. We have two players per position and there will be a lot of competition, and when there is a need, then in Sanse we have guys ready to compete."

La Liga or Europe?: "It’s a very important competition in which we will have to prove our regularity to play a good role in order to aspire to the maximum. The other two competitions are also very exciting. We have the resources to fight to the maximum for the three competitions and aspire to the maximum in the three of them. We won’t put limits and will fight to go the farthest possible. We have quality within this squad and if we believe it, and if we do things well, then we can achieve important things. It will be up to us to do it. "

Januzaj: "Physically he is in full conditions. It’s true that we have a way of playing in which it’s important for me that everyone knows automatisms, so that the performance as a team is very good. Incorporations need adaptation so their performance could be at the top. Llorente and Januzaj are increasing their knowledge of the automatisms. As the days pass the integration in the idea of game is greater, but they are in a level of knowledge high enough to be starters".

Rulli: "Gero is a player who, in the two years that he has performed for us, has been in a high level and his progression is good. He transmits maturity and is already a veteran player despite his youth. It’s very important for us and I am happy that he continues with us and that he will continue to grow."



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