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30 Sep 2017
Depor’s coach is aware that this could be his last game at Deportivo, but understand that, beyond making weird lineups, the solution is to see the players fixing the mistakes once and for all.

Pepe Mel addressed the media on Friday’s noon, it was a long press conference (21 minutes) in which he was constantly asked about his situation at the club. The Madrilenian seemed calm and admitted that he plays for his job, but that the main thing is to see Deportivo fixing the errors. The following is a summary of the things he said.

His situation at the club: “The true is that we never had a calm week, to remember that I arrived in the middle of a difficult situation, therefore I lived the same situation in the past seven months. It’s clear that, against Getafe, only the victory matters. This situation didn’t bring any good things during the week, but the important thing is to compete against Getafe, because if we only talk of the coach, then we will meet a good team like Getafe. I lived both situations before, I arrived here in order to replace Gaizka, if someone must replace me, then it is football. “

“The clear thing is that a team following the same line it will keep the coach, but that’s difficult if the results aren’t good. If we win, which I think it will happen, then I will play again for the same against Girona. In a situation like this, the coach is always affected. It will be continuous. If I am lucky to have the results, then the big hope is to reach May. This is only reverted with the results.”

The week at Deportivo: “We have seen videos of the things we are doing wrong, also videos of the things we are doing right, because we did some things right. Nothing especial, because in the end, if the result isn’t good, then at least I should be satisfied with the work done.”

Did you receive an ultimatum? “I understand the rules in football and understand the rules of my job, the coaches live of the result and the results aren’t good. Beyond they told me anything before or now, what’s clear to me is that the only goal is to defeat Getafe.”

Conversation with the president: “Yes, I talked to him. He is the person from the club with whom I talk the most, but this wasn’t a different week. Beyond talking to the president, I’ve spent eighteen years in football and have been sacked two or three times and already learned the timing. No one has to explain to me what would happen if Depor draw with Getafe.”

The fans are angry: “I never talk of the fans. They can do whatever they want. Obviously, if they have a coach unable to win, then the normal thing is that they don’t love me. They want to win and we will try to win and to see them calm, at least tomorrow. They do what they must do, they pay the subscriptions and support the team. I am responsible of not winning. It’s normal that they aren’t content.”

Pressure for the players? “The pressure is over me, the team must remain apart and nothing more. When you arrive to the limit, you know you need to remain focused. I am responsible. These are three important points for Depor and for me it’s another thing. The players can only be told about the points and that the team could be in a more favorable position.”

Changes at the lineup? “We picked nineteen players and mixed everyone in the tests, so everyone can be activated. Tomorrow we will decide. I will put the team that I consider is the best one. Sincerely, I don’t think that tomorrow we need to do crazy and unnatural things, by unnatural I mean things that the team hasn’t made in the usual way. I don’t think that this is the message, the message is to fix errors, not to make crazy things.”

Tests during the trainings: “We mixed the teams during the week. I knew the team that I will use since I knew the meaning of the game with Getafe. What I didn’t want is to see the players knowing about it since Tuesday.”

Mental state of the team: “I spent seven months with the players and we know each other. We need to reinforce the good things we are doing and fix the bad ones, beyond the mental state, which is a secondary thing, we are focused in tactical aspects and in fixing errors.”

Defensive errors and early goals: “Sincerely, do you believe we didn’t talk of this before the game against Espanyol? We talked about this after clinching a clean sheet, but by minute 4 we were already losing 1-0. We explain things to footballers and simply we are in a moment when we need results.”

Expectations for the game: “Following what we did before in the games at the Riazor, matches in which we were killed by punctual things. We made good 30 minutes before Real Sociedad and played some good minutes against Real Madrid, so I expect to see the same, and if we commit the same errors at both areas, place where the games are decided, then we will lose.”

Getafe: “I now the team, because I know very well its coach, he trained me, so I know him well. Like it happens with Girona, these teams come with the good dynamic of winning and that’s expected to last for at least two months. They made good signings, they have speed at midfield with Bergara and Amath [Ndiaye], then a player like Jorge Molina, who I love a lot. I know him pretty well. It’s a team that doesn’t allow spaces with the 4-4-2, but now it is only a matter of us.”

José Bordalás addressed the media on Friday’s noon. He is aware of the situation at Depor and the praises for his team, but prefers to remain sidelined. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Injuries hitting the squad: “We cannot control the unfortunate cases provoked by the injuries, but we have footballers willing to help the team. I usually don’t complain, the reality has come like this.”

Expectations for the game: “We must know how to read the game and use our weapons in order to get a positive result. We must see how the game develops, they have players with experience that have lived similar or tougher situations. We have worked knowing what we are going to meet. Deportivo is a great team that will be highly involved and that’s wishing to win, it won’t be easy.”

Pepe Mel: “I have a great relationship with Pepe Mel, I believe it’s too soon to judge the work made by a coach. I don’t remember any year like this one in which there was so much hurry in order to fire a coach at Primera. Everyone wants to stay in the league.”

Similarities with Depor: “There may be certain aspects of the game that may be similar. Each coach interprets the game in their own way. We don’t absolutely compare ourselves to anybody, we have to interpret the games in a certain way. We cannot divert attention at all, the compliments weaken us. We accept them, but we are the same ".

Changes at the lineup: “We are aware that we cannot count with Fajr due to his contract, so we will have changes.”

Positive start to the season: “The team has both feet on the ground and willing to play tomorrow. At this point you cannot talk of long-term goals compared to what’s real.”



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