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28 Oct 2017
Hard words from Juanfran towards referee Mateu Lahoz, neither happy was Parralo with the performance of his players. Las Palmas´ coach said that this result won’t affect Monday’s game in liga. The president was criticizing the players.

Cristóbal Parralo commented his first defeat at Deportivo, he wasn’t happy with him his men behaved at the moment of not having the ball “It was a game in which we tried to push up front, to be a team with lanes close to each other and to have the initiative. We knew the rival has quality, but we missed intensity without the ball and sometimes braveness to jump against the rival. “

“The first goal arrived with many mistakes, then the second almost immediately and then the expulsion. We tried to comeback at half-time and I believe the team had pride, we scored a goal and had chances to tie, but in the end the game was too long and we were tired, so we ended losing with a big score. The game leaves many conclusions regarding the individual performance and the character of each player; it can guide you for the rest of the season.”  He added.

The Andalusian coach didn’t want to say too much about the expulsion of Juanfran, “I want to leave it apart, I want to comment it with the players before. It cannot be to end with ten players so early, especially taking in the situation in which we are. We had to make a big sacrifice and it can affect Monday’s game.”

Despite the effort made, he expected that it won’t affect the preparation of the next game in liga, “We have a large squad and, if a player isn’t able to arrive on time, then other one will play. What matters is to fix these things; we cannot allow so many goals. We need more intensity without the ball and this can only be achieved with work. We need to try to be more solid.”

Parralo also admitted that the team’s main problem is the terrible defence, “I have spent two days in the job and barely had time to work, it isn’t an excuse, but we need to see why these goals are arriving. We need to fix things.”

Juanfran was the only player that talked after the final whistle. He was blaming himself and also the referee for what happened and even ended crying in front of reporters, “It was the first foul that I committed and I told Mateu: ‘It’s the first foul that I make’ Mateu is a referee that always likes to talk to the players, I told him it was the first foul, and then he told that he was sending me off. He showed the second and told me that he was sending me off, and I told him that he was destroying me and the work of my partners.”

“I neither can excuse my behavior. It’s clear that I’m the guilty one for today’s game, if it was already difficult, I made it impossible. My partners made a great effort and ended exhausted, and it was my fault. The referee also showed a yellow to Guilherme after a clear penalty, later we cannot say anything to them and we already know that they live in a different world. But I won’t excuse myself, I must assume the consequences. My team mates suffered and it was my fault. This is the worst day of my life [he started to cry]. I think t’s not fair, you cannot send off a player for this. We have family and feelings, and we are under pressure, and it isn’t fair to screw things up. He wanted to screw me and only for been the protagonist.” He added.

Lucas Pérez talked on Friday, he was more diplomatic talking of Juanfran’s red card, “I talked to Mateu, because it was strange to see him sending off a player without talking, he is a referee that likes to talk and he gave me his reasons. It was his decision and nothing more. We can only learn from mistakes and that’s it. He should learn from the errors.”

The striker was commenting the game, “Football is details, and if the first ball that you are touching ends entering instead of hitting the post, then the entire game changes. Later we had the bad luck to leak a goal in their first two opportunities and it turned to be uphill. We weren’t fine after the expulsion, but still had chances to tie the game.”

Lucas also commented the desperation that he had throughout the game and the whistles from the fans, “The feeling that I have is that we can give more, it’s only that. It can happen to me or to any other partner. We only want to adapt as soon as possible to the coach and learn what we must do. I can understand the fans whistling me, for losing and for not been fine. I respect that. I have no problems with the fans.”

President Tino Fernández was interviewed on Friday at Radio Onda Cero, he wasn’t happy at all and was asking apologies, “I ask apologies to the fans for yesterday's shame. I am sad and mad. I watched a Deportivo that was off, missing energy, intensity and aggressiveness. The fact of been prioritizing the individual goals above the group is something that the team needs to improve.”

At UD Las Palmas, coach Pako Ayestarán wasn’t happy with the second half of his team, “I am satisfied with the first half, even when we were tied, but later made fifteen minutes in which things could have been more complicated. We are watching how things are starting to work and little by little we are getting what we want.”

Still, he doesn’t think this result should have an impact in Monday’s league game, “These are different games.  They will analyze the meeting from our numeric advantage, they will think it was a different game, so this victory isn’t giving us any advantage for Monday.”  




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