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29 Nov 2005
The discussion about who should be the starting striker in Deportivo has returned to the headlines after the defeat with Villarreal. Trist??n is living his worst season since his arrival to Depor and the fans are starting to ask for the participation of the other three options that Caparr??s has: Taborda, Rub?n or Xisco.

The patience of the public at Riazor with Diego Trist??n is reaching the limit. On Sunday several whistles were hear when Taborda replaced him in the second half. And the critics have an statistical base: On the present season the Sevillan striker has an average of one goal scored every 228 minutes. His worst mark since his arrival to Deportivo.

The reality doesn't agree with Trist??n's speech, some weeks ago the Sevillan forward said that his promise was to score 20 goals in the present season, number that in his opinion will give him a new chance to participate with Spain in the next World Cup. However, Trist??n has only scored four goals in 912 minutes, in other words, he needs 2 1/2 games in order to score a goal. That's too much time for somebody that wants to go to Germany.

For the moment Caparr??s continues to trust in him, but if Trist??n continues with his poor performance the most probable destiny for him is the bench. In this case the Utrera-born coach will have to decide between the three alternatives that  he has available: Taborda, Rub?n Castro or Xisco.

The first candidate to fulfil the job should be Sebasti??n Taborda. He arrived in June in order to support Trist??n's work, but he had only a few chances to demonstrate his value. The Uruguayan striker has only scored one goal in 157 minutes, but it has to be remembered that Taborda has participated only as a substitute so far.

Other candidate to be seriously considered is Rub?n Castro. He was the pichichi of the squad in the Intertoto cup, but Caparr??s started to use him as a winger during the beginning of la liga, since then, he has only scored one goal in 525 minutes; however, his mark of four goals scored during 376 minutes played in the Intertoto invites to think about his potential.

The third option is the less probable choice of Caparr??s, but curiously is the striker with better average at this moment: Xisco. The youngster scored a goal in two matches during the first round of the Intertoto cup, later an injury and the decision of Caparr??s relegated him to Fabril. It was in Deportivo B where Xisco started to explode, he has scored seven goals in the last five matches, converting him into the best Depor’s striker of the moment, at least statistically.

It's truth that Tercera isn't the same than Primera, but Caparr??s could be thinking in him as an alternative. Other choices in Fabril are Rub?n Rivera and Senel, but their participation in the first squad isn’t too probable for the moment. Caparr??s believes that Rivera should continue to progress in Depor B and Senel still in the process of recovery from the injury that he suffered in the match against Betis.

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