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04 Dec 2017
A poor offensive performance combined with errors in defence, it’s the old formula that strikes Depor game after game. Once again a goalkeeper commits an error that leads to a goal.

The five notes from the visit tot Sevilla CF:

1- The details: After the game ended, the players were assuring that the details were crucial to define the scoresheet. And they are right in one sense. A distraction in a throw-in cost the first goal when the first half was ending, and later an error of Rubén cost the second. Depor did almost nothing in attack, but neither Sevilla CF had a deep impact, the Andalusians had eight scoring opportunities and only completed six shots on target.

2- Only four chances to score: A game can be defined by “details”, but all the goals came after errors committed by the side allowing the goal, and the only way to fix it is to seize the chances they have up front, and that’ difficult when you only have a few scoring opportunities. And that’s what happening to Depor game after game. The team was solid in defence, but later it only had four chances to score.

Lucas (2) and Adrián (1) had the first three opportunities, while the last one came until the last minute through Juanfran. If a team is distracted and allows goals, then the only way to overcome the situation is to score goals by their own, and that’s difficult if you don’t create anything upfront. It’s the picture affecting Depor in recent times.

3- The impact of the three centre midfielders: Parralo has established a system with three centre midfielders on the pitch, the exact position of each man is different in each game, but the names are the same: Valverde, Borges and Guilherme. In this game Borges was the man at the centre, almost acting as a playmaker.

And the true is that the three midfielders had zero impact in the game, which is one of the main reasons why Depor only created four opportunities in this game. Often the three centre midfielders were surpassed by the rivals and their only offensive contribution was a pass of Borges that ended with a shot from Lucas that missed the target.

4- The position of Lucas: Precisely, the lack of depth from the midfielders pushed Lucas to perform towards the left wing, this since Cartabia had a discrete performance and the only way to create anything in attack was to search for Adrian on the left, thus Deportivo created two of their four chances in the game.

5- New error from the goalkeeper: The disaster of the goalkeepers continue after Rubén Martínez was unable to block properly a shot from Krohn-Dehli. Truly the Galician goalie had made a couple of good saves before, but the error defined the game at minute 79. Three of the four keepers that have played this season (Pantilimon, Tytoń & Rubén) have committed errors that ended in a goal, this is the second of Rubén after the one had in the opening matchday hosting Real Madrid.




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