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09 Jan 2018
Parralo used a tactic that worked before a rival that likes to use the internal passes, while Andone has made the same things than Lucas with less minutes on the pitch.

The four notes from the game at Villarreal CF:

1- A tactic that worked: Cristóbal Parralo explained after the game that the idea of playing with three centre midfielders was to avoid the internal passes from Villarreal. It worked out as the trio Guilherme-Borges-Mosquera made 10 of the 20 interceptions made by the team. The local team had the ball possession, but it wasn’t finding the passing lines to create scoring opportunities (they only had six in the entire game).

Villarreal CF is a team that likes to attack through fast plays that allows to locate a player alone before the goal, and that situation was only seen twice in this game. The first was the goal of Enes Ünal, the second was the last-minute play in which three attackers were facing three defenders and that Carlos Bacca ended badly (89’). This is important for a team that’s used to allow goals despite not conceding too many opportunities.

2- A single play can change an entire view on the game: It seemed Depor is doomed to suffer. The team can play good games, but normally ends losing for constant and punctual errors that cost goals. But the whole picture changed in a single decision of Sidnei that meant a point. A new defeat would have only deepened the wound of a struggling team, now the draw brings hope or at least expectation to see if the team can keep adding.

It’s also true that this picture can also be changed again if Bacca would have scored at the last minute, but the same analysis can be made with the play of Albentosa at minute 17, the centre-back should have sent the ball into the back of the net when the score was still 0-0 and it would have changed the game too.

3- The surprise of Sidnei: Sidnei is a player that likes to join the attacks, he has always done it since his arrival to Depor four seasons ago, but apparently the players of Villarreal didn’t know about it. They were covering the passing lanes when the Brazilian decided to run towards the goal from midfield, three players just saw him arriving to the area and when they tried to stop him it was too late. Depor’s goal is a perfect example of how to create unbalance when the rival is locked at the back zone.

4- Andone Vs. Lucas Pérez The goal of Andone is opening an interesting debate at Depor. The Romanian has now scored four goals and provided two assists, a very similar number compared to Lucas Pérez (4+1), but the fact is that he has done it only having 770 minutes in liga, that’s the 70% of the minutes had by Lucas (1,110). It opens the debate of who should the starting striker or if Parralo should be playing with two strikers. 




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