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09 Jan 2018
The coach and the players were content with the performance of the team and agreed that the draw was the fairest result.

Coach Cristóbal Parralo was satisfied with the point added, “For the how the game was, we are satisfied as we believe the point is fair. We made the merits to not leave empty-handed. So, we are content. It is a tough field and a tough rival. We needed to correct the negative dynamic and find regularity.”

He was also satisfied as he had to present a 4-3-3 draw after planning a 4-4-2 during the week, “We have a squad to not notice the casualties, so we can develop the ideas that we have. I am satisfied with the performance of the team. We always search to see the team competing and today we competed.”

Then the Andalusian manager analyzed the game, “I think the point is well deserved and fair. We were fine during the first half an hour as we didn’t let them to drill internal passes. It’s true that we were doubtful after their goal, but we knew how to hold on. They were controlling the game at the start of the second half and we had to make changes in order to modify this dynamic.”

The coach was also admitting that Depor still conceding too many goals according to the chances created by the rivals, “I will love to have more clean sheets, because it would mean that if you score, then you have more chances to win. It’s true that we played against a tough rival that submits you, there are a lot of things to improve. We still need to improve a lot of things and I’m convinced we are going to do it.”

He explained the decision to perform with three centre midfielders, “We were playing with a team that puts a diamond figure at midfield and we couldn’t just clean the field and see them drilling passes, we had to play with three midfielders to avoid these passes. I believe that, in this sense, the team worked well. We will make decisions on the system depending on the games we are playing.”

Finally, Parralo sees with good eyes any signing during the winter window, “I work with the team at my disposition. I am not worry about anything else. These issue is for the sporting direction and the club. All the teams are looking to sign players in order to improve. Even the leader [Barcelona] is doing it, and we need to look and see if we can improve our team.”

Florin Andone was commenting the game, “For us it’s an important point, because it means to start the year with confidence. This is a complicate stadium; the rival presses a lot and it was a difficult game. We are content as we fought hard. There were phases in which we were superior and I believe the draw is far.”

The Romanian was happy with his goal and his appearance as a starter, “The goal brings confidence and I am content as the confidence of the coach is arriving, this is my first game with Cristóbal [as a starter] and beyond that I am content for helping the team. He knows I am there for any chance we can have. It’s not easy to not play after doing it last year. This is a reward for the performance of the team.”

Pedro Mosquera also said that the draw was the fairest result, “I think this is an important point, visiting a team like Villarreal with a great level. The defeat would have been unfair. The team made a very serious game in defence, at minute 10 of the second half we started to connect and before we also had chances to score.”

The midfielder hopes that this result can be a turning point for Deportivo, “The point is good, it must be useful in order to keep working. Now we go home with our own public and that’s always positive. We must keep working in order to offer our best effort, from there we can go up.”

At Villarreal CF, Javi Calleja was disappointed with the outcome, “The team didn’t play to the level they’ve been playing at all season long. Today, we weren’t as good as we needed to be. It was a very important match that we wanted to win, because a victory would have taken us into the top five. We are leaving disappointed”.

“We lacked control of the tempo in the game. We had the ball possession, but couldn’t find depth and neither played as fluidly as we wanted at midfield territory. Beyond that, their goal came from a situation that we could have avoided. In general, we didn’t play well.” He finalized. 





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