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19 Mar 2018
Frustration after the tasteless draw with UD Las Palmas. Seedorf seemed depressed, though keeping the speech that the fans must have hope. Albentosa was defending himself and saying that the whistles won’t break him.

Clarence Seedorf was feeling impotent with what he saw in the game, “I believe a lot has to do with the first goal, the team was too tense during the first ten minutes, blocked, a lot of tension, and truly I hadn’t seen the team like this before. It’s the human factor that you cannot control. You are tense for the pressure. That goal was easy to block, but we aren’t fine. After the equalizer we were a little liberated, it was fair, but later we didn’t play a good game. It was like a final, both teams gave everything on the field, but there were no lights. In the end we had a great chance, but there was a great save by the keeper. We neither had luck”

But the Dutchman didn’t want to admit that this was the last opportunity for Depor, “This is a mathematical issue, and it isn’t the last chance in a mathematical sense. It depends if you want to see the glass half empty or half full. 27 points still in dispute. We will play in order to get the larger number of points and Levante neither can relax. We must continue in our way, waiting for more luck, because this team is missing goals. You cannot make six or seven chances to only end scoring once.”

Asked if the players were too pressed by the fact that Levante won one day before, he said that, “I don’t think the players had more pressure for the game of Levante, but for the importance of the game with Las Palmas. It was a big opportunity. Now there’s one week to discontent and later prepare the next months. If Las Palmas drew with Barca it leaves the feeling that anything can happen in football.”

Seedorf was looking more pessimistic than in previous press conferences, but he refused the idea, “The fact of been pessimistic or optimistic is a matter of character. I am an optimistic person, that’s why I was a winner as a player and am working in order to be a winning coach, the road is difficult and I understand that people can have doubts, but you need to be united and work hard.”

About the substitution of Çolak, he explained the reason, “It was a hard hit. I was about to replace him at half-time, but he was a little recovered and later was feeling dizzy. I replaced him in order to have a fresher player.”

He was also asked about the constant whistles over Albentosa, “People should see what the lad is doing, because he is playing well, today he even scored a goal. I don’t think people should be whistling during the games, after it they have all the right to express how they feel. When you pay a ticket you can show your emotions, but during the game he had personality. He made a good game, including a goal.”

Seedorf ended the press conference assuring that he remains optimistic: "We need to let things flow, there’s disappointment, real disappointment and sadness. I already said that I am a winner. Don't like to lose. I am still hopeful, but also have rage. I need to transmit to the players what they need to keep believing. Today we didn't have the luck to clinch what I think we deserved."

Adrian Lopez was feeling frustrated with the final result, “Once again there’s frustration, for other two points that we dropped at home. The game was complicated since the start. It’s annoying to start allowing a goal, but well the team continued, fought and were able to tie. We had more chances than them in order to win, but met again the post and in the end the error at the start screwed us and leave us without two points.”

Still, the Asturian attacker believes that the permanence is possible, “We will give everything until the end, 27 points are there, it’s the reality. We are in a difficult situation and with the result of Levante things are complicated, but you never know, maybe we can chain three straight wins. We still believing.”

Despite the whistles, Raúl Albentosa was among the best player in the game, he was saying that, “I don’t hear anything throughout the week. I only hear the whistles on here. I will only work hard in order to change those opinions and won’t think about it. Nothing more to say. I am strong mentally, I have been on this for a while and nobody will sink me, not even my father. I know what I can add to the team.”

“You know, I believe it’s the year, it has been a very bad year. For the situation of he team, in the end everything is bad and people search for it, but no one will be stronger than me, I can already tell you that. I don’t run and neither hide in the end they will love me.” The centre-back added.

Juanfran Moreno was also feeling frustrated, but also said that the hope remains alive, “We cannot end saying that we deserved this or not, the result is what it is and it’s what it counts. You only need to look at the standings and realize that the situation is serious, but we must continue going and face the situation game by game.”

At UD Las Palmas, Paco Jémez was saying that there’s still hope for his team, “This isn’t the result that we and Deportivo wanted. We wanted to win and approach to Levante. But who says that this point won’t give you the salvation after nine matchdays? We don’t know. The six-point difference with Levante seems to be too many, but with the streak of the bottom teams you never know.”




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