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17 Jan 2007
Deportivo qualified for the quarterfinals of the Copa del Rey with a little touch of suspense. Mallorca provided plenty of danger during the first half, but a key move from Riki during the second half ended with Ballesteros being sent off, and with Sergio scoring a goal from the penalty spot. Now, Depor’s rival in the quarterfinals will be determined on Friday. The first leg of this round will be played on January 31st.

Coach Caparr??s gave a chance to the players who achieved the win in the first leg. The only changes were Joan Verd?? and Albert Lopo. Verd?? started this match because Juan Rodr?­guez was suspended, while Lopo replaced Arbeloa.  The Madrilian was rested after having started the three games played during the past week.

Deportivo only needed a draw to make it to the next round, but a 0-1 defeat would also have worked, because of the Galicians’ two away goals from the first leg. Mallorca would have needed to win by two goals, and for that reason coach Manzano used an offensive formation that included Arango, Jankovic, Trist??n and V?­ctor Casades??s.

Mallorca tried to surprise Depor during the first five minutes.  They gained control of the ball with the intention of scoring an early goal. Arango was the main actor during this period of time, but the only clear chance that they enjoyed was wasted by the Venezuelan international.

The situation changed quickly, and Deportivo increased its possession of the ball. But Caparr??s' squad seemed to be asleep – Sergio and Verd?? found the ball in midfield, but the Catalan duo never formed an understanding with Taborda and Adri??n. As a result, the only clear chances came from set pieces. Sergio received a corner kick outside the penalty area, but Mallorca’s defenders blocked the ex-Espanyol midfielder’s shot.

The visitors found the early goal for which they were looking.  Arango took a free-kick and sent the ball to Bosko Jankovic.  The Serb then managed a surprising shot from 20-metres that ended up in Depor's net. The goal encouraged Mallorca and they started to push for a second one. With 66 minutes remaining on the clock, they had plenty of time in order to fulfill their comeback.

 Deportivo reacted. Taborda had two chances to equalize, the clearest of which was a corner-kick that he headed out. Later, Lopo tried again after sending wide a new corner-kick by Verd??. A couple of minutes later Adri??n headed Felipe’s free-kick into goal, but Moy?? saved Mallorca at the last second. The home side wasn't able to find an equaliser although they added pressure during the last minutes. The game reached half-time with the score 0-1, and with Depor showing a poor image at home, specially during the first 35 minutes.

Caparr??s wasn't happy at all with the first period. The Sevillan sent Riki to the pitch in order to replace Rodri. Filipe started to play at left back, and Riki occupied the place left by the Brazilian. The change increased Depor’s mobility. The first chance of the second half came to Sergio.  The Catalan tried once again from long distance after he received a pass from Verd??, but Moy?? contained his shot.

Gregorio Manzano tried to change things, and ordered Varela on field in order to replace an ineffective Diego Trist??n. The ex-Depor star heard plenty of whistles when he was going out. The fans at the Riazor renounced a player who had been treated like a god just a few years ago. But Manzano’s modification didn't make any impact. Depor played well compared to the dull performance that was seen during the first half, although the squad continued to have problems passing the ball.

Caparr??s proved to be right with the introduction of Riki.  Some slick moves between Taborda, Verd??, Adr?­an and the ex-Getafe striker ended with Ballesteros fouling Riki inside the penalty box. Referee Undiano Mallenco called the penalty and Ballesteros was sent off. Sergio scored the goal and calm returned to the Riazor.

This crucial play killed the game. Mallorca had ten men on the pitch and Manzano's team lost the impulse showed during the first half. Depor was close to scoring again when Barrag??n sent out a good pass from Adri??n. The result gave confidence to Caparr??s, and the Sevillan coach decided to give Iv??n P?©rez a chance. The Fabril striker made his official La Liga debut after he replaced Adr?­an.

Deportivo played the last minutes of the match with the intention of offering victory to its fans. The Galician squad started to find the empty spaces that Mallorca had closed down during the first part of the match.  During these moments, the clearest occasion was for Verd??, but the Catalan’s shot missed the target by inches. At the end of the game, Caparr??s replaced Barrag??n and gave a new chance to 'Piscu'. The Fabril defender had to play for a couple of minutes in midfield, just as he did in Mallorca during the first leg.

Deportivo qualified for the quarterfinals with an aggregate score of 3-2. The results of the second leg of this round were surprising since several of the favourites were eliminated: Valencia (2-4 vs. Getafe), Atl?©tico Madrid (1-3 vs. Osasuna) and Villarreal (0-1 vs. Valladolid).

The draw for the quarterfinals will take place on Friday. The six teams that are already qualified with Deportivo for this draw are Barcelona, Sevilla, Getafe, Osasuna, Valladolid and Zaragoza. The other club that will play in the quarterfinals will come from the Real Madrid-Betis match.  The second leg of this eliminatory will be played tonight. The first leg of the quarterfinals has been scheduled for January 31st, while the second game will be played on February 28th.

Deportivo: Aouate - Manuel Pablo, Lopo, Juanma, Rodri (Riki 46') - Barrag??n (Adri??n L??pez 'Piscu' 89'), Sergio, Verd??, Filipe Luis - Adri??n (Iv??n P?©rez 77'), Taborda.
Mallorca: Moy?? - H?©ctor, Ramis, Ballesteros, Dorado - V?­ctor Casades??s (Tuni 76'), Pereyra, Jordi L??pez (Kome 87'), Jankovic - Arango, Trist??n (Varela 58').
Goals: 0-1: (24') Jankovic, 1-1: (66') Sergio (penalty).
Referee: Undiano Mallenco. He showed yellow cards to Filipe (57'), Taborda (68') and Verd?? (83'). Ballesteros was sent off (65').
Venue: Riazor (8,000).
Other statistics: Ball possession (38% -62%); Shots (15 - 6); Shots on goal (3 - 3); Corner-kicks (4 - 6); Off-sides (1 - 1); Fouls (15 - 14).

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