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25 Apr 2018
Only a miracle could save a Deportivo that could even suffer the relegation on this weekend. The Galicians need to at least add 10 of the last 12 points and to see other rivals failing.

Depor are nine points below the safety when only four games are remaining. The Galicians need to at least add 10 of the last 12 points in dispute and later to see some of the rivals failing. The demotion is possible this weekend, and the three scenarios are.

1- Depor losing on Sunday against FC Barcelona: The Galicians are relegated to Segunda no matter what happens in the other games.

2- Depor draw with FC Barcelona: In that case the only scenario possible for the salvation is to see Levante UD losing their last four games. The draw will automatically save Athletic Club, CD Leganés and RCD Espanyol.

3- Depor win against FC Barcelona: The situation is so delicate that not even a win against the Catalans will keep alive the survival changes, because it will depend of other four results. In order to suffer the relegation in this scenario four things must happen: Levante UD beat Sevilla at home (Friday) Athletic Club add a point visiting Real Sociedad (Saturday) RCD Espanyol add at point hosting UD Las Palmas (Saturday) and CD Leganés add a point visiting Real Madrid (Saturday). If Depor win and any of these four teams fail then the Galicians will still alive at least for one more week.



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