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27 Apr 2018
Albentosa is the player of March at Deportivo, he is aware that the relegation is almost consumed and wants to see a team showing pride in the last four matchdays.

Raúl Albentosa was named the player of March at Deportivo. The defender is conscious of the situation of the team in la liga, with the relegation almost consumed. He knows that the relegation is almost a fact, but wants to see the team showing some pride in the last four games.

He spoke with reporters and said that the players want to remain focused in the upcoming game with FC Barcelona and don’t pay attention to other results, “We remain focused in what we must see and don’t see beyond that. We try to face the game against Barca in the best possible way. “

“There’ hope, it’s a big team. They want to come here and win the league and we want to leave the burden at any cost. We still have chances and must hurry until the end. I try to be positive and it’s what I think.” He added.

The Valencian centre-back knows that the salvation is almost impossible, “Morally, I have the will to move forward no matter what happens. We must try to add the point points and the rest doesn’t depend on us, we are only focused in our job and for now is the three points against Barca. “We are there for our own merits, and until today we have options. We knew things were going to be difficult and they are tougher now. We will continue until the end.”

But he wants to see a team fighting until the last game no matter the demotion is consumed during the weekend, “No matter what happens, we need to have self-esteem. It’s what we will seek. We must know that our image and the one of Deportivo are above all. You won't make a fool of yourself, we must try to give everything, to add the twelve points that are left, and the rest is out of our hands.”

He was content for receiving this award, especially since it is giving for the votes made by the fans, “It’s not a fight against the fans. In the end perseverance has a reward. No one has given me anything for free. Motivation and constancy counts and it gives a plus to see the fans giving me this.”

Finally, Albentosa said that he won’t have any problem in staying with the team at Segunda, “I’ve contract on here and don’t think of anything else. I am only thinking of the day by day. Two months ago I wasn’t playing and now this, there are many things in life and we must move forward, step by step.”



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