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03 May 2018
AdriŠn Lůpez addressed the media on Wednesday, the Asturian striker was saying that the team felt more identified with Seedorf than with Parralo, while he left the impression of not wanting to return for next season.

The club changed the plan, initially no one from the first team was going to talk during the week after suffering the relegation on the previous weekend. In the end there will be press conferences on Wednesday and Thursday. The first one that talked was AdriŠn Lůpez.

The striker was reflecting on his second relegation with Deportivo, "These are two very great misfortunes that I had to live here. These are football things. I didnít think that it could happen again. The first was weird, with a number of points that had not been seen in a relegated side, and this... maybe the first part of the League we missed more things, but then the team improved a lot and maybe we lacked luck in some home games. Every year you get six points that you donít deserve and this year none. We hit the post more times than anyone after Madrid and BarÁa...Ē

He is hoping to end the league in the best possible way, "Obviously the other day we were very annoyed, because we already know that we are relegated. Against BarÁa, we ended up losing, but we were very proud of the game we played, people are in the mood to finish the three games that remain in the best possible way, Starting with the derby, itís a very important match and we want to give a good impression, as we think we are doing in this final part, although it hasnít helped us, winning the derby would be a joy in this disappointment that we all have. It would be important for the fans, the club and the players, I hope we play a great game. "

The Asturian was defending the work done by Seedorf, ďI donít know why it didnít work [Cristůbal Parralo]. Sometimes it happens. For whatever reason there is no such feeling, or the message doesnít arrive in the same way with a coach or with another. I donít know for what reason. There are coaches who are able to get more from the players, others who are not able to do it, and whatís clear is that with Seedorf the team has improved and we have been able to compete against great teams. "

"Whether or not he continues, itís an issue that I cannot valorize. The board of directors, the club and the coach are the ones who have to agree, whatís clear and what we have seen is that with their arrival we have achieved what we didnít get during the year, I think he has been able to convey to us from the beginning that positivism that he has, to make us believe in ourselves in a difficult situation as we are, he is a very demanding coach and we have improved with him physically, tactically and mentally.Ē He added.

But AdriŠn didnít want to talk of his continuity at Depor; actually it left the impression that he doesnít want to return, "I was looking for a bit of being in a place where I could have continuity and in that aspect I am very happy for coming here, it has been a pride to return to Depor, to be here, to be captain and itís a shame that this has happened in the end. Now I have to go back to Porto to start the pre-season and I donít know what will happen. The future doesnít depend on me, nor can I talk too much. When the month of June ends I belong to Oporto and I depend on them.Ē



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