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07 May 2018
Depor’s coach was content with his men and was defending Rubén Martínez after his error. Celta’s coach believes that his team dropped two points.

Clarence Seedorf was happy with the performance of his team and considered that the result was fair, “I believe it was a fair result. I believe there was balance in everything. It was a difficult game, especially in an emotional sense, because you always want ad when you want, you can. We were fine in the first half, but didn’t manage to make our game, we played a little better in the second part. There was excitement, as in any derby, some tough tackles, but we demonstrated that this team can compete until the end.”

The Dutchman denied that Rubén committed a mistake in the goal of Celta, “I don’t know if it was an error, because in many occasions the referees whistle a foul. It happens a lot that, when you fell, they whistle the foul, and when you don’t, then they don’t do it. I believe that in this case, if Rubén would have jumped, then the referee would have called the foul, but he couldn’t jump as he was blocked. The important thing is that he reacted a he made a good save later. We can only congratulate him, because he has been fine since my arrival.”

He also explained the exit of Çolak at half-time, “It was a tactical change, for me Çolak wasn’t fine. He also suffered a knock, but I was going to replace him anyway. I didn’t see him as Çolak should have been and, as I explained, he has talent but needs to change some aspects.”

Finally, Seedorf explained the exit of Krohn-Dehli, “I replaced him, because I was needing punch in attack, and he also had lowered his performance. The team was different and opted in giving energy through Borja [Valle] and Andone.”

Only one player talked to the media, and as it happened on last week it was the captain on the pitch. This time the armband was for Adrián.  He was happy as Depor fought until the end, “We knew it was going to be complicated and it was like that. We improved with the passage of time. We never left the game to escape from us, and we got a point. “

The Asturian attacker was also feeling sorry as the reaction of Depor in la liga came too late, “Yes, it is a pity that the reaction came in this final stretch. It hurts us as we couldn’t fight until the end, but we will try to end the season with these good sensations. We deserve it, the club, the players and the fans. We must follow this path.”

At RC Celta, coach Juan Carlos Unzué was feeling sorry as his team dropped two points, “Beyond earning a point, we dropped two. We had a good first half, trying to be aggressive so the rival could not feel comfortable since the start.”

“We knew that, if we would have allowed them to play, then it would have been hard as they have quality players. We forced them to play though long throws, we were recovering the ball and they granted that chance to score. In the second half it was harder, we missed the ability to create arrivals and we ended conceding that goal of Lucas, a goal that could be fair or not, but it’s what we got.” He finalized.

Defender Hugo Mallo was pissed as Lucas celebrated the equalizer making the number six with his hands [The number of titles of Depor] “In their situation they cannot be making those gestures, they aren’t to be celebrating. It wasn’t only Lucas, but they are free to do whatever they want.”




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