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18 May 2018
Juanfran talked to reporters and analyzed the situation after the relegation. The right-back openly admits that he will like to continue with the team at Segunda.

Juanfran Moreno addressed the media on Thursday’s noon, it was his first appearance before reporters after the relegation was confirmed. He started analyzing the season of Deportivo, “The season has been a failure, it’s evident. We didn’t conquer the goal of the permanence. The expectations were different at the start of the season, maybe the expectations were too high, and then the season didn’t start well, things went worse and we had the disgrace of the demotion. We can only look forward and think of the promotion.”

“It neither matters what I think, sometimes it’s better to shout out and save it for yourself. I believe we made bad things and in the end it all points to us, the players. We weren’t fine and could have done better. What we must do is to think of the future and to put back Depor where it belongs, which is Primera División. I have spent four years on here, in three we luckily didn’t suffer the demotion and not it happened. We were in the fight with Levante, and it turned out that Levante is the best team in the second round. We didn’t even have the chance to fight within the last matchdays.” He added.

The right-back admitted that the club should analyze why Depor have suffered too much within the last seasons, “I don’t know what’s happening, but surely something hasn’t been done right, because it’s a situation of four years and I hope that, with the arrival of Carmelo, the club and the fans, who are the ones that suffer, can start to enjoy.”

Initially, Juanfran didn’t want to talk of his future, “My future is Sunday’s game, we will try to end in the best possible way, then there will be a meeting with Carmelo. When Carmelo explains his intention then I will give him my opinion. What I want is to know what he wants, then I will talk of my future.”

But later he left an open door to continue at Depor, “Many, not only me, will like to be with Deportivo at Segunda. Surely he [Carmelo Del Pozo] won’t count with people that want to be here, what I want to know is what he wants from me. Right now we have three right-backs, something I don’t understand, it isn’t necessary and we can keep two, and I already know that he spoke with one of them and told him that he will continue [Gerard Valentín] and it wasn’t me. So, I want to know his opinion. I want the best for Deportivo, I have two more years of contract and what I know is that I will be at Deportivo.”

“I am feeling comfortable in Coruña, I had the chance to leave and I didn’t want. I had offers to leave and lost money in order to stay here and the club knows it. I never moved for money. Deportivo is a big team at Primera and Segunda. This year we have a great coach that has won everything and will be delighted to continue with Depor at Segunda. I am not discovering anything, Depor is a big team and will have many socios. They need a project with hope and let’s see what Carmelo wants. If Deportivo think that I can be important, then I will be delighted “ He added.

Finally, Juanfran believes that Seedorf must continue at Deportivo, “It’s the best news that Deportivo could receive. This season has been complicated, it was hard at the start as he didn’t know the players, but he achieved what wasn’t achieved in four years: to see the team rowing in one direction. The team is more serious and composed. We don’t leave the games as before. I will love to see this coach with a pre-season and been able to work since the summer. Deportivo will get the promotion with him, for sure.”



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