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14 Jun 2018
Carmelo Del Pozo stated that there are players already signed, but that the priority of the club is the exits and also confirmed that there were problems inside the changing room on the season that has just ended.

The season ends on June 30 and Deportivo already completed one signing (Dani Giménez) and two exits (Andone and Çolak), but it doesn’t mean that the market of Deportivo will end soon; actually sporting director Carmelo Del Pozo is convinced that it will take a while.

It’s what he told during an interview with Riazor,org as he stated that the priority is the exits, “I understand that there are people who think that we haven’t signed anything, but if you notice few teams sign at this time of year. You should go slowly. If I sign now the four centre-backs that I want and, on August 15, a player loses a gap at Primera Division and calls me, then you are missing an opportunity. What you cannot do is leave three holes at the central position for August 15. We must go little by little. We have agreements with players, but won’t announce them now. I think that the priority is the exits.”

He confirmed that the club already received offers for some players, “Several offers have been received for several players and we have rejected many of them. There are others that we are negotiating. We want the club to benefit and we believe that some players don’t enter this project, because we believe that they won’t be important. It’s likely that some decisions may surprise for the time that these players have spent at the club. We understand that there are cases in which the best is to seek for an exit in an educated and beneficial way for all.”

At the same time, Carmelo assured that the expected exits have nothing to do with money, “As of today, the salaries and the squad are fully solvent to compete at Segunda Division. What’s true is that there are players who, due to their personal and professional situation, are better if they aren’t here, but it has nothing to do with salary issues.”

In recent week, there was criticism towards the club as it was known that the release clubs of the players have suffered a decline, like what happened with Andone. The sporting director explained the issue, “I think it's a subject that has not been fully explained. All the clubs in which I have been have experienced those situations. There are nuances that could be improved, but these are nuances that are sometimes advantageous for the club and others are harmful. These are normal situations.”

“If a player's salary drops by 50%, the clause has to go down too, it's obvious. Up to what point? Well sometimes that point is marked by the player himself. Nobody expected the relegation of Depor. With these things I am very demanding, because I have lived them many times and I come from several experiences in Segunda. Some agents tell me that I’m very heavy with the clauses, but although I live in the present, I have to think about the future. I cannot make a team for this year and next year I run out of funds to compete, because I want things to go well for the next three, four or five years while I'm here.” He added.

Del Pozo didn’t want to confirm Natxo González as the future coach, but left the idea that an agreement with the selected choice is done, “I had very clear what I think a team like Deportivo needs for this league and in that aspect there is a battery of many coaches, but I had the idea very clear. What I didn’t know is that this possibility could appear so clearly. The coach who will come here has to believe in the idea and the project, he doesn’t have to come for money or to make the club a favor. When you talk to that person and you see him so identified with the idea, then you realize he is the ideal person.”

A think that called the attention was to accept that there were problems inside the changing room for the season that has just ended, “I understand that, with the new format of the League and its television contracts, players are constantly changing clubs. I think all the changing rooms have been depersonalized a lot. Many players come from outside, there are many changes. What happens to Depor has happened to more teams. We want to make a good group and work as a team. I give you an example. There is a person who worked at Depor and then left for Levante. A week after he was there, he told us that Levante was going to be saved because the group is completely different from what he had lived in A Coruña. The dangerous area of the standings burns and the group has to be very strong psychologically speaking to sustain the situation. When we arrived to Levante we wanted to format and clean the changing room, to form a new group and when we conquered the promotion and we wanted to keep bringing some new players to contribute to the team. That's the idea I want to bring here.”

Finally, Carmelo talked of his idea with Fabril, “I think that, when a first team doesn’t meet expectations, then people cling to a burning nail and in this case they have thought of Fabril. Fabril have made an exceptional season. A team was made to be up with a significant investment and a good job was done. Our idea of Fabril is different. I am one of those who think that a Fabril player cannot be an emergency solution or a patch. I think they have to be players who come to stay. The tradition at Depor is that few players have risen to the first team. We have to see if there are any that can stay or we have to format players who can help us in two or three years. I am convinced that many players have finished their stage at Fabril and now we have to see if they are to stay at Depor with the requirement that entails or an intermediate step that is to renew with us, look for a loan at Segunda and let's see the evolution. I am one of those who think that the ladder must be climbed from rung to rung, because sometimes you climb three rungs at a time and then you suffer a big hit in the way down.”



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