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21 Jun 2018
Carmelo Del Pozo explained the exit of Luisinho and the situation with Dubardier, Saúl, Róber plus the interest in winger Pedro Sánchez.

 During the presentation of the new coach, sporting director Carmelo Del Pozo talked to reporters and explained the exit of Luisinho, the situation with Dubardier, Saúl and Róber; he also confirmed the interest in winger Pedro Sánchez. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Deadlines to complete the squad: “The deadlines could be longer or shorter, logically it happened to him at Zaragoza. You always have problems at Segunda at the moment of building up the squads; the important thing is to have a competitive squad. It is what we search. Can we complete a squad of 22 players now? Yes. Is it with the players that we want? No. That’s why we are playing with the tempos, in some cases it will be helpful, in others don’t, so we need to be patience. Little by little the pieces will be fitting.”

Róber: “This is an sporting issue. We have offered him a better contract of what he can get at Primera División. This is a crucial stage for him and he needs time to decide. If he is with us, then it will be a big reinforcement for Natxo, and if he isn’t with us then, in the long-term, it will be important in the economic and sporting sense.”

Luisinho: “It was a transfer. The amount is satisfying for us. After his long stage here, we thought that it was a good moment to find an exit that would be positive for all the sides. I believe the exit has been satisfying for everyone.”

Saúl García: “There isn’t any problem to see him at the first team. If we understand that he can be important,w e can have him at the team.”

Dubarbier: “He was an interesting player. He was outside Spain and was free, and the scenery was perfect for the club, the player and the coach, so it was closed very soon. We want two players for position, with Natxo there aren’t starters or substitutes, and we believe Dubardier is one of the players that can fight for a spot there.”

Pedro Sánchez: “If you talk of a player that’s a free agent, then it’s an interesting possibility, but he has several clubs chasing him. Relegated sides want him and the first places at Segunda too, and we are one of them. He is a very good player for Segunda. We hope it could be closed in the coming days.”

Natxo González: “He understood that it was a project with hope, the people that are coming here do it for this reason. I was convinced ten minutes after talking to Natxo. The rest was his decision. He wanted to come here despite having a project with the chance to go up to Primera. That gives you an idea of what Natxo has done.”

Manu Sotelo “He won’t continue. We offered to continue in the club with other duties. But we thought that the format proposed by Natxo we need a different profile to fit into the place.”

Novelties at the sporting staff: “We are going to have new faces, these are professionals and are working at other clubs right now, we will present everything as soon as the seasons ends.”

Is Depor signing big names? “The players that are leaving mean a sporting disadvantage, but at the same time it means an economic advantage, and will help us to sign two good players for Segunda A. We won’t go mad at the market, we need to adjust and won’t make crazy things at the market, that’s why there are names coming out that are impossible for Deportivo La Coruña.”




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