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25 Jun 2018
The following article explains what the new things that Deportivo are going to find at Liga 1|2|3. At the same time it remembers the familiar things in the league.

Deportivo return to Segunda División after four seasons at the elite. During this time some things have changed in the league. explains what the fans must expect of the season 2018/19 in the second tier of Spanish football.


1- The name of the league: Segunda División is now called Liga 1|2|3. The “1|2|3” is coming from Banco Santander, one of the big sponsors of la liga.1|2|3 is the name of a financial product that they sell to their clients and this bank is using the league in order to promote this product.

2- The aids and the salary caps Deportivo suffered the salary cap during its introduction back on the season 2013/14. It was a hard hit to adapt the squad to a financial situation. Still, the measure has helped to keep the clubs at bay in a financial sense and the measure will continue to be applied. What changes is the influence of the aids for the relegation.

When Depor were at Segunda the measure was starting to be used, now it’s full effective. The three sides suffering the demotion from Primera receive an important economic injection that pushes them to be at the top of the salary cap. As example last season, apart from Barcelona B, the only three clubs that had +€10 million in the salary cap were the relegated sides: Granada CF (€17.9 million), CA Osasuna (€13.2 million) and Sporting Gijón (€11.7 million).

A better salary cap helps, but it isn’t definitive. Actually, the three sides listed before didn’t’ earn the promotion in the season that has ended, Granada CF and CA Osasuna didn’t even qualify for the playoff. For next season it’s expected that the three relegated sides from Primera will be again at the top of the salary cap in the case of Depor it’s expected that the aid for the relegation can reach the €15 million.

 3- No B squads in the league: For the first time in sixteen seasons, there won’t be any B squad at Segunda División. In the previous two adventures of Depor in this league there were two and three B squads. It affects as the B squads cannot participate in a promotion playoff and therefore it enlarges the chances to enter into the playoff. Now Depor need to end among the first six places in order to have a chance to return to the elite.

4- The competition: The Segunda is considered the most competitive league in Spain, everything is equal and Depor will be one of the favourites due to its history and salary cap, but it doesn’t guarantee anything.

The best way to explain the scenario is what Carmelo Del Pozo explained in a recent interview, “The circumstances of Deportivo in those last two times that went up directly the following year are very different, because of how the competition is now. Before there weren’t ten teams that could get into the playoff on the last day, now there are. Of the 22 teams in the competition, there are 17 that tell you that their goal is to get into the playoffs and conquer the promotion, three that struggle not to go down because they are newly promoted teams and the others are B squads. The competition has been equaled so much that what you have to do is set up a competitive squad that allows you to reach the last five or six days fighting to move up.”


1- The format of the tournament: Segunda remains to be the longest competition in Spain, there are 22 teams and42 matchdays. At the end of the season the last four clubs are demoted to Segunda B, the first two are directly promoted to Primera, while places 3, 4, 5 & 6 take part of the promotion playoff to define the last promoted side. In the playoff the 3rd place face the 6th spot, and the 4th face the 5th. Later the winners of the series define the third promoted outfit. There’s extra time in case of a tie, but no penalty shootout, so the third place only needs four straight 0-0 to earn the promotion.

2- No VAR: La Liga announced two months ago that the VAR will finally be implemented in the league competition, but for the season 2018/19 it will only be used at Primera, so Depor will not be affected by the technology.

3- Composition of the squad: The rules are the same than at Primera, Depor can inscribe 25 players at the first team, the only difference s that only two foreign players are allowed. Currently the spots ae for Borges and Sidnei.




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