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18 Jul 2018
Carmelo Del Pozo talked of the situation at the market during the presentation of Rolan, he confirmed offers for Guilherme and Sidnei, while he assured that a new keeper will be signed.

Carmelo Del Pozo talked to reporters after the presentation of Diego Rolan. The sporting director confirmed that a new keeper will be signed, also that there are offers for Guilherme and Sidnei and that there are two players at the squad wanting to leave. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Offers for Diego Rolan: “Yes we had offers, but those were rejected, by both parties. We are together in this and we understand that, if we find a good offer, it will go through, but Diego also understands that it must be something that benefits the club, in that sense we thank him. There’s no deadline, as it something shows up on August 30. We will have four strikers, right now we have Christian and others that can come from behind like Pedro and Cartabia.”

Juanfran: “We said that the players weren’t going out so easily, and it was demonstrated. Depor will defend its interest. There was a club interested in the player, we understood that an adjustment was needed and that adjustment was made. His situation was clear since the end of last season, he understood that his exit was needed and we defended our interests.”

Players wanting to leave: “The message is simple: The one wanting to stay will be here, the one that doesn’t want to be here cannot be prioritizing his situation over the club, we have a timing and from there we will build up the team, if he lasts too much then it will affect him, because we are going to build up a team and can end up been a substitute at Segunda División”

How many players are in this situation? “There are two players in this situation.”

Francis: “We understood that Francis was one of the three keepers on here, we won’t block the ideas of the coach, if he thinks we should have three keepers then we will have three, we won’t make the decision of who will play.”

Is Depor going to sign a new keeper? “Yes we are signing a new goalkeeper.”

World Cup players: Michael [Krohn-Dehli], Celso [Borges] and Fabian [Schär] will arrive later, around the 23. They are in the process of deciding if they have offers, we will make decisions with them.”

Has the club received offers for Guilherme and Sidnei? “Yes we have offers for those players. The process is long and we don’t know how long it will last, only that it must satisfy the interests of Depor.”

Unai Simon: “He is one more player at the market, we haven’t done any offer for Unai Simón”

Cartabia, Carles Gil and Mosquera: “Some of them have said that they want to stay, and we haven’t talked of Eneko [Bóveda], who is a player that understood that must make a step. We have players like that, ones that believe in this project. There are done things with them, but first they will talk in public.” 




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